Blog - Life on the Farm

Linda Carton

Sheep and sleep, we have a lot of the first and not much of the second. We are very busy with lambing right now. We have had 120 ewes lamb with 190 lambs , of those, 15 sets of triplets and 50 sets of twins. We think this is fairly close on the sets. When they lamb during the night we may find 8-10 lambs and 1 ewe with them. Now we have to find the other moms for the lambs in the shed. After they have gotten something to eat they are usually ready to come back and face the lambs. I am feeding bottles to 9 right now, 8 in the playpen in the barn, 2 are with mom and 1 is in my laundry room. Jim and Andy have been trying to haul manure in the good weather, but they have to stop and help me pen moms and babies all the time. I was getting bottles ready this morning and and getting ready for work in town when Jim called to let me know I had to pull a lamb. That little girl was definitely ready to enter the cold world this morning. Lydia and Dom helped Friday with chores and they had a good time! After chores and before we went in to fix lunch we had a snow ball fight and built a little snowman since the snow wouldn't roll very well. Lydia preferred to just plop in the snow!