Microsoft Office Specialist certification can be earned through BHC

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

Beginning in January, students will be able to prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification at the Black Hawk College Community Education Center in downtown Kewanee.

Courses in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access – taught by BHC faculty members Darcy Jeffries and Jodee Werkheiser – will prepare students to become experts in the software and have the knowledge to pass MS Office certification tests.

“Students are entering a demanding academic and professional environment that uses computers and MS Office to the max. We want our students here in Kewanee to lead the way,” said Jodee Werkheiser, computer science applications professor at the Black Hawk College East Campus.

Research done by the University of Utah showed that Microsoft Office Specialist Certification improves results for students, educators, job seekers and employers. It also showed that classes boosted academic performance for students and enabled employees to contribute more effectively.

“You might know enough about Microsoft Office to get by, but the Microsoft Office Specialist has skills that put you at the top in efficiency and productivity,” she said.

This set of computer classes is part of Black Hawk College’s effort to reskill area workers and create a highly competitive workforce.

For more information about MS Office certification classes, stop by the Learn and Earn Open House from 5:30-7:30 Tuesday, Dec. 6 at the Community Education Center, 404 E. Third St., or contact David Harris at 854-1875 or