Hillcrest Home hosts wedding reception

Deb VanDeWoestyne
Randy and Julie (Sibley) Lindstrom are shown with the wedding cake they decorated themselves during a reception at Hillcrest Home, rural Geneseo, Saturday, June 19.

    On Saturday, June 19, the dining room at Hillcrest Home was transformed into a wedding reception hall thanks to the help of Mary Bergren and her many dedicated staff members. 

    According to Bergren, everyone at the home including the residents wanted to share in Randy and Julie (Sibley) Lindstrom’s special day. 

    "It has been quite awhile since we played host to a wedding reception and it was just lovely," stated Bergren.

    The wedding actually took place earlier in the day along the Hennepin Canal at the Danny Martins Memorial Site.  This location was selected because it was a place that Julie enjoyed walking at before she and Randy met; a place she found solace.   The couple agreed it was a beautiful setting and wanted to share it with others close to her heart.

    Residents wanted to attend the wedding and were more than welcome, but the couple felt it wasn’t safe for the residents to be walking at the canal.  So, they inquired about having the reception at Hillcrest where all their new friends and family could share in their extraordinary day.  They also wanted the music to be enjoyed by all so they asked Jack Ness from Sheffield to play for them since he was one of the residents’ favorite performers.  Once approved, the plans were set into motion.

    The day before the wedding, Julie learned that the cake person had a family emergency and would be unable to provide the wedding cake as planned.  She and Randy spent that evening baking and decorating a three tiered cake and two sheet cakes for their reception. The cakes were beautifully decorated with fresh flowers from Julie’s garden, which adorned each cake. 

    They were absolutely beautiful according to Bergren.  In fact, when they brought the cakes out that evening, the residents cheered for over 60 seconds for the newlyweds. 

    "This is just an example of how well the two work together," added Bergren.

    When Julie and Randy met several years ago at Hillcrest, it was perfect timing for the couple.  Randy had just started working at the home in the maintenance department and Julie was doing private in-home care.  She, too, was fast becoming a familiar face in the hallways as she would bring one of her clients to the home to visit a family member several times a week. 

    They both love their jobs and their new family at the home.  They both believe it was a match made in heaven.

    The couple admits that at first, they were just good friends, but soon their love blossomed into more than a friendship. 

    "We instantly got along very well when we met," said Julie.  "I enjoy watching my husband because he brings a smile to anyone’s face and he is such a hard worker with so much energy.  God has something he wants us to do for him and wanted our talents combined." 

    They began dating about a year later and started taking ballroom dance lessons at Black Hawk College. The two of them would often stop by Hillcrest dressed in their ballroom attire to show the residents their progress and what they had been learning. 

    "The residents enjoyed watching us dance together," stated Julie.  "We love to joke around with them and have become very close to many of the residents and appreciate their support."

    They have received so much love from their immediate family as well as their new family at the home.  Julie’s son, Matt Lloyd, served as best man at the wedding and Randy’s brother, Jason Lindstrom performed the ceremony. 

    "We are amazed at the love here and feel blessed to have our ‘Hillcrest family’ in our lives," said Julie.  "These people have touched our hearts and we love them so much."

    Julie and Randy said Rebecca Gradert did a lot of the planning and work, and John Hunt wrote reception announcements for the May and June “Hillcrest Hummers” newsletter. 

    People named Sawyer, Glenda, Bev and Traci (no last names available) also helped make the day special.