Cambridge's National Honor Society inducts 13

Sandy Hull
Thirteen new members were inducted into the Cambridge National Honor Society Tuesday, March 8, at Cambridge High School. They are, from left, front row, Angela Cheek, Alyssa Smith, Brittany Bainbridge and Hailey Clark and back row, Devin Kluever, Matthew Johnson, Kevin Beuseling, Emalee Brink, Ashley Kruger, Kelsey Lavin, Kayla VanWatermeulen, Kevin Miller and Taylor Vincent.

    Thirteen new members were inducted into the National Honor Society Tuesday, March 8, at Cambridge High School.

    Sara Solberg welcomed everyone.

    Six teachers, along with Cambridge superintendent Tom Akers and Cambridge High School principal Robert Reagan  were the guest speakers and talked about “The Little Things.” The teachers speaking were Jay Wiechmann, Lisa Miller, Kim Jansen, Barb Kiefer, Joe DeGeorge and Sara Solberg.

    Wiechmann talked about successes and failures. Miller spoke on temptations, financial and other and the importance of networking. Reagan’s speech highlighted stress and how to recognize it and cope with it. Jansen talked about always staying competitive, going after want they want and making it happen. Akers quoted an old Pony Express saying, “when the horse dies, get off and on another one.” He told the students to be wise, capture every opportunity and ensured them they were able. Kiefer encouraged students to continue to utilize the library. “It is a great resource and a great place to study in peace and quiet,” she stated. “A library is a little thing but very important.” DeGeorge spoke about quality and always giving the best, and Solberg talked about being prepared and planning ahead.    

    Following the program, an induction ceremony was held with the help of everyone who spoke.

    Five students recited scripture about what the National Honor Society stands for.

    Samantha Stevenson spoke about scholarship. Dana Brock talked about service. Tayler Hein spoke on leadership and Chelsea Mitro, on character. Jessica Nail read the National Honor Society pledge.

    Current members of the group include: Jenna Berg, Rebecca Underwood, Kallie Cecil, Tayler Hein, Jessica Nail, Tyler Nimrick, Dana Brock, Caleb Dillman, Chelsea Mitro, Emalie Neils, Samantha Stevenson and Alex Thompson.

    New members were: Brittany Bainbridge, Emalee Brink, Hailey Clark, Devin Kluever, Kelsey Lavin, Alyssa Smith,?Kevin Beuseling, Angela Cheek, Matthew Johnson, Ashley Kruger, Kevin Miller, Kayla VanWatermeulen and Taylor Vincent.