Mission profile: Liberian visits Orion Church

Mindy Carls
The Rev. Albert Barchue, second from left, is the superintendent of the Kakata/Farmington District of the Liberian Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. He spoke at Orion United Methodist Church on Sunday, June 19. From left are his hosts, Deb and Rich Straub of Orion, and Orion Methodist’s pastor, the Rev. Dave Schultz.

Who is the Rev. Albert Barchue?

He is the superintendent of the Kakata/ Farmington district of the Liberian Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

On Sunday, June 19, Barchue preached at Orion United Methodist Church and spoke to Sunday school classes. The Orion Methodists have contributed $24,000 to Liberian missions, including $10,000 for construction of the I.J. Williams School in Unification Town.

During his three days in Orion, Barchue stayed with church members Rich and Deb Straub. Rich Straub has visited Liberia twice, going to Unification Town and Ganta.

How many Methodists are in Liberia?

270,000 in the Liberian Annual Conference, and 11,000 in the Kakata/Farmington District.

What do Orion Methodists gain from the Liberians?

“It has not been a one-way street,” Orion pastor Dave Schultz said. “Liberia in return is giving grace to us. Faith in America has been under attack. Our passion for Jesus is eroding. Thankfully, United Methodists from places like Liberia are giving us grace. African United Methodists hold us to the true faith in Jesus Christ.”

How many kinds of mission are there?

Two. “One is the proclamation of the Good News to the world,” Barchue said. “Jesus came for the restoration of the broken relationship between God and humanity. Jesus came to lay down his life for you and me.

“The second is to meet the human needs of people who have no means to make life worth living,” he continued. “Everywhere Jesus went, he was doing good.

“Balanced ministry is meeting spiritual needs and physical needs,” Barchue said.

How can Christians fulfill these missions?

“Today we are the words of Jesus Christ, we are the hands of Jesus Christ, we are the feet of Jesus Christ, so that the good news of Jesus Christ will be spread in all directions,” Barchue said.

What is Liberian worship like?

“We have people worshiping in structures where, when it rains, it rains upon their heads, and when it shines, it shines upon their heads, ” Barchue said. “But we worship as if we are the richest people on earth because God is in every day.”

What is the reward for faithfulness?

“One day, when Christ comes in final victory, He will extend to you those powerful words, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’ Amen,” Barchue said.

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