Mattress cleaning helps customers sleep easier

Lisa Depies
Janice Saucedo of Geneseo demonstrates her Hygienitech mattress cleaning system.

Some household cleaning issues are simple — you can wash dishes, scrub windows and sweep floors. But how do you clean a mattress?

Geneseo’s Janice Saucedo, who runs GreenSweep Cleaning, was asked that question by her clients.

“You can vacuum a mattress, but that doesn’t do a deep-down clean, and you’re not suppose to steam clean mattresses because dust mites like moisture,” she said.

Saucedo researched the problem and discovered Hygienitech, a company that makes high-powered vacuums that utilize UVC (ultraviolet) light to clean.

“These machines have been used in Europe and Canada for the last 10 years, but they’ve only recently started coming to the United?States,” said Saucedo. She is the first person in the Quad City area to offer the Hygienitech mattress cleaning service.

“So many hours are spent sleeping on mattresses, which leads to an accumulation of dead skin, which attracts dust mites, and bacteria from sweat,” she said.

The Hygienitech machine combines high frequency, pulsating waves, suction and a high-intensity UVC light to pulverize and extract dust mites, bacteria, viruses, fungal spores and other sediment that accumulates in mattresses.

“In years past, people took mattresses outside, beat them and hung them in the sunshine. Having a mattress cleaned with the Hygienitech machine is like airing it outside in the sunshine all day, without the chance of fading the material,” explained


UVC light “changes the DNA of dust mites, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and destroys their ability to reproduce” she said. “The UVC light destroys anything living on or below the surface of the mattress. The vacuum then extracts as much debris as possible. Whatever is left behind will soon die.”

A clean mattress can leave users breathing easy. “After I did my own mattress, I noticed my sinus problems had cleared up,” said Saucedo. “It’s recommended mattresses be cleaned twice a year, or more often if you suffer from allergies.”

Because today’s mattresses are made to last much longer than older mattresses, Saucedo said regular cleaning is vital.

“Today’s mattresses are very well built. It just makes sense to clean them since you do spend a lot of time on them,” she said.

Saucedo said it takes her approximately 30 to 45 minutes to clean a mattress, longer if it’s an older style mattress than can be flipped.

“The customer can strip the bed, or I can do that when I get there. If they don’t want the machine directly on the mattress, I have a sheet I?can spread over the area” she said.

When she’s finished, Saucedo can spray lavender water or other sprays on the mattress, if the customer so desires.

“The machine does an excellent job. The mattress just smells cleaner when I’m done. It smells like it has been outside in the sunshine,” she said.

Though the matress cleaning part of her business is new, Saucedo has offered cleaning services through her GreenSweep?business for a number of years.

“I’ve become more aware of my own health and the health of my customers. Over the past five years, I’ve gradually converted to using 85 to 90 percent green products,” she said.

Though her cleaning business has a waiting list, Saucedo is accepting new clients who need their mattresses cleaned.

“My territory is a 40 to 50 mile radius around Geneseo. I advise clients to have all mattresses in the home serviced at the same time, as the rate is adjusted lower for more than one item,” she said.

For more information, visit or contact Saucedo at 944-1212 or (309)?507-0063.