Hammond-Henry purchases da Vinci system

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic
Dr. Calvin Atwell, general surgeon at Hammond-Henry Hospital, in 
Geneseo, operates the hospital’s new da Vinci Robotic surgical system.

A da Vinci Robotic surgical system has been purchased for the Hammond-Henry Hospital surgical department.

The system utilizes robotic, computer and optical technologies to assist surgeons with operations.

Though the word “robotic” is in its name, the da Vinci Robotic system does not act on its own. Its movements are controlled by the surgeon, who sits at a console in the same room.

It has a 3D high-definition vision system, special instruments and computer software allowing the surgeon to operate with

enhanced vison, precision, dexterity

and control.

The da Vinci instruments have mechanical wrists that bend and rotate to mimic the movements of the human wrist, which allows the surgeon to make small, precise movements inside the body.

Dr. Calvin Atwell, general surgeon at Hammond-Henry, said, “It’s important to stay on top of cutting-edge technology for surgical equipment. Utilization of the robot in general surgery has sky-rocketed, and the wristed instruments make a huge difference in performing difficult operations in a minimally invasive manner.”

Because of fewer incisions, less scarring can be expected along with less blood loss, fewer complications, less need for pain medicine, lower infection rate, faster recovery and a shorter hospital stay, said Atwell. The operating room staff at Hammond-Henry Hospital already has completed several robotic surgeries.

“We’re excited about being able to offer robotic surgery. Studies have shown that patients have better clinical outcomes and quicker recovery time to normal activities. Owning the da Vinci will hopefully extend Dr. Atwell’s career and also help us attract other physicians to Hammond-Henry. Dr. Nathan Fierce has already done several robotic procedures and plans to do more. We are expecting to offer gynecological and possibly urological services as well,” said Jeff Lingerfelt, chief executive officer at Hammond-Henry Hospital.

The total purchase cost for the entire equipment suite is more than $1 million. The Hammond-Henry Hospital Foundation is working on funding for the new purchase.

“We are fortunate to have such generous communities always willing to support our new endeavors,” said Darcy Hepner, foundation manager.