Andover trustes still are mulling over street repairs

Lisa Hammer

    The village of Andover doesn't have its plan for summer street work yet.

    Trustee Dan Heiar said the engineer hasn't looked at the streets yet and apparently thought the village would be out of funds after ditching. Heiar reminded him that the village always adds to motor fuel funds for its street budget.

    "We always spend about $30,000," said Heiar.

    Trustee Mike Mielke asked when additional rip-rap will be put in to shore up the dam at Andover Lake Park.

    "We're starting to lose that dam, (after) all the work we did," he said.

    Trustees discussed bringing in truckloads of rock and spreading it manually.

    The village plans to improve less than a block of platted (but presently grassy) road on Third at Mulberry leading to a new home to be built by Paul Martin. At first, the road will only be the gravel base.

    Mayor Sandra Johnson read a letter from MidAmerican Energy stating that because of their wind projects, the utility plans to keep electric rates steady until at least 2014.

    "That's good for us," she said.

    Trustees gave final approval to giving residents 14 days--rather than an additional 30--to pay water bills after they are a month overdue, for a total of 44 days instead of 60.

    The board approved a $2,791 bid from Allen's Plumbing and Heating to replace restroom fixtures in the Legion Hall as well as a $2,086 Allen bid to replace two sinks, three toilets and a urinal at the park.

    Trustees also approved a $986 bid from Shannon Construction for two steel doors at the restroom on the west side of the park, minus the

cost of deadbolt locks.

    A contract with Bi-State Regional Commission will be extended. The village is getting the organization's help to map out its water lines. Trustees may decide top borrow or rent GPS equipment to create a new map.

    A new recycling drop-off will be neater and less expensive. Mayor Johnson said the village can get regular weekly pick-ups for $70 every three months rather than the current method of paying $216 every six months and calling when it's full. She said she verified the price several times.