At last, Geneseo’s Glass wins first marathon

Amy Boldt
Bryan ?Glass returned home to run in the annual Maple City 4.

It was a long winding road with many miles traveled but Geneseo native ?Bryan Glass has finally won his first marathon.

On June 7, a sense of relief hit Glass as he crossed the finish line in first place with a time of two hours, 37 minutes and 44 seconds in the 35th Annual Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana Governor’s Cup in Helena, Mont.

“It was a relief to win my first marathon,” said Glass. “I have covered every distance and had success. I finished second twice in the marathon and it was exciting to win it. It was my last race of a long season, it was unexpected and I wasn’t totally committed to going.

“I was happy when I won the race. I have been second twice and I was in third with 10 miles to go and I said this is not going to happen again. I put so much time into training.

“2008 was the best year I?have ever had. I ran my best times ever in all different events. I?had PRs in every event.”

Glass has tackled some of the top marathons in the United States running in the Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, D.C. Marathon, L.A. Marathon, New Orleans Marathon and Duluth Marathon.

“The atmosphere at a marathon is kind of like the Bix,” said Glass. “All the people line up to do something and everyone has put in their time and effort. You realize that everyone has a story that makes them unique.”

The marathon in Montana is the largest event and marathon in Montana, which consists of a 5K, 10K, half marathon and a marathon.

“It is pretty well-known in the Northwest,” said Glass. “When you get into the mountains there are not too many spectators. The course was pretty flat, you could see the mountains, but you never ran through them. It was very picturesque.”

One of the obstacles Glass and all the other runners had to face was mother nature.

“The wind was not nice with strong 20 to 30 mile an hour winds and it was 48 degrees,” said Glass. “I don’t like the cold temps much, 55 degrees you can go out in shorts and a tank and feel fine, but 48 degrees I had to wear gloves because my hands got cold.”

To prepare for all these races, Glass sticks to his training regiment and he listens to what his body is telling him.

“I?am my own coach, but I do talk to Don Fredericks and I just have to listen to how I feel because you can get injured because you do too much,” said Glass.

Glass, stated success helps drive him to keep racing.

“I push myself to get to an elite status,” said Glass. “I love sports and athletics. Self discipline and determination are my motivation. I want to reach a goal, but it is extremely difficult to do by yourself. I use races as forms of running with people, it is a mental break and a social event.”

On May 14, Glass returned home to Geneseo and won the annual Maple City 4.

“I didn’t plan on racing and left my shoes at home,” said Glass. “I?saw Jordan Wildermuth (before the race) and asked him how fast he was going to run and I?thought I would keep up with him. Wildermuth and Josh Lodge led at the start, but I caught up with them and then at mile three I felt good, so I decided to drop the hammer and see how fast I could run it in.

“(Running the Maple City 4) allows me to let people see that I am not just having success outside of Geneseo. It is nice to run in front of my home town.”

Glass’s next race will be the Bix 7, followed by the Chicago Marathon where he was just confirmed as the three-hour pacesetter and he will then run the 1st annual Rock and Roll Marathon in San Antonio, Texas in November. Glass stated he might also do the Quad City Half Marathon.

Glass is also a member of the 180 Energy drink team by Anheuser Busch, which has allowed him to go to some of these events. He has been a member of the team for four years.

“I had a lot of PRs this year and who would have thought,” said Glass. “It was a very inspiring year and to know that still with hard work and determination I can do as much now in my mid 30s that people in their 20s can do.”

Glass, a 1991 J. D. Darnall High School graduate, currently works in Chicago Heights as a physical education teacher at Independence Elementary School and as a drivers’ education teacher at Independence High School.