Farmers’ Market now in city park

Lisa Depies

The Geneseo Farmers’ Market has a new home in the city park. The Saturday market can now be found on the north side of the park, on the old junior high school site.

“This year, we’re on the old school site, but next year we’ll actually be on Pearl Street,” said farmers’ market organizer Amy Gadberry. Pearl Street divides the north and south portions of the city park.

The market, which is held from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturdays from mid-June through the end of October, previously was located near Xtra Mile on Chicago Street.

“Several ?businesses ?approached us about moving to downtown to help bring business there,” said Gadberry of the decision to move the market. “We had to go through several things with the city, but we’ve moved and things are working great.”

Gadberry said both vendors and customers alike have said positive things about the new site. “What I’m hearing is that it’s about time we were downtown. They feel it’s where we should have been all along.”

The Geneseo Farmers’ Market is in its eighth year, and Gadberry said the market has grown from its initial three vendors to a site that now has 17 full-time vendors and approximately eight part-time vendors.

“We believe by the end of the summer we’ll have at least 25 full-time vendors,” she said.

Vendors provide customers with products ranging from fresh produce and baked goods to hand-crafted items and homemade dog biscuits.

New vendors are accepted at the market throughout the summer. “We have an application form they have to fill out, but we do take new vendors all year long ... it’s never too late to sign up,” said? Gadberry.

The Geneseo Farmers’ Market is “very down home”?Gadberry explained. “Everything is grown locally and everyone is there to have fun and visit with the customers.

“The market is like a social event. People come, bring their coffee, buy a pastry and get together with friends,” she said.

At the farmers’ market, shoppers also are able to learn about the growing techniques and history of each item. “People who buy from the farmers’ market know what they’re buying and where it’s come from,” she said.

For more information about the Geneseo Farmers’ Market, contact Gadberry at 944-4994.