Getting a kick out of exercising

Amy Boldt
Keegan Boyd runs through different kickboxing techniques.

A great workout, a great way to relieve stress and for an added bonus techniques to help someone protect themselves from an attack.

The new turbo circuit kickboxing class offered at the Geneseo Community Center does just that for its participants.

The class is held Mondays from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the program gym at the community center and is taught by Geneseo native and Lewis University student, Danielle Boyd.

“I took a turbo kickboxing class at Lewis University and I wanted to keep up with it during the summer,” said Boyd. “So I approached the staff at the community center (about the possibility of doing a class) I knew it was something I enjoyed and it was a great opportunity.”

“We are always looking for different types of classes and it is nice to add a variety,” said superintendent of recreation Ken Asta.

The class starts off with teaching participants the correct techniques and then moves into a few combinations of punches and kicks.

To give participants a well-rounded workout, Boyd has set up a circuit that allows class goers a chance to work on all parts of their body. The circuit includes ab work, core, kickboxing and weights.

“It is a great cardio workout and has a variety of exercises involved for a nice change of pace,” said Asta. “It is nice to offer something for a short time because the novelty tends to wear off. And we have had enough interest to do it next summer if Danielle wants.”

Boyd stated the class usually has 10 to 11 students with five or six that are pretty consistent with attending.

“They enjoy it because it is something different,” said Boyd. “It is nice to have a different class to break things up.”

Boyd commented some of the benefits to taking this class are it is a great workout and a great stress reliever.

“My focus is on being healthy and staying in shape,” said Boyd. “And due to the different combinations the class also helps you if you are ever attacked from behind, a lot of the combinations can be used in self defense.”

Alissa Dwyer takes part in the July 7 Turbo Kickboxing class.