Andover checks into welcome signs

Lisa Hammer

Andover is a town with beautiful yards set back from the highway. One trustee wonders if the town needs beautifully landscaped “welcome” signs to match.

Trustee Judy Olson asked whether the rest of the board would want to have landscaped entrance signs to the village. Mayor Sandra Johnson asked Trustee Olson to do some research and bring back information about cost.

“It doesn’t hurt to look into things like that,” said the mayor.

Trustee Dan Crippen said the village needs to reprint the printed tags used by police to leave on abandoned cars.

“Somehow an individual’s cell phone on the board got put on the tag, so that person got all the phone calls,” he said.

He said a Texas printing firm was used.

“We can black out his number for the time being,” he said, adding that “quite a few” of the dozen or more cars have been moved, others will probably be moved soon and he expects that only five might prove difficult.

The village is also trying to have owners remove two semi-trailers which are no longer operable, one of which was used for Habitat for Humanity work at one time. Trustees said they were concerned about setting a precedent to let even one trailer be used for storage.

The board approved a budget showing a tax levy of $14,811, which would be a 9 percent decrease over last year’s budget which sought $16,311 in local property taxes.

Trustees also:

• approved $28,265 in motor fuel work including ditches and patching bad spots throughout town and road work on an unimproved part of Third at Oak to create access for a property owner

• learned cement work for the new park shelter donated by the family of the late Robert Crippen will cost $1,750; the village is picking up the cost of cement work and lights but electric costs aren’t in yet

• learned the water reservoir has been painted and the aerator is running again to remove sulphur

• accepted an easement agreement for Woodhull Telephone to run fiber optic on County Hwy 9 and Eighth Street in the village

• told residents who would like a one to two-acre pond to check with the state before damming a natural waterway

• learned IDOT completed the village’s motor fuel audit with the note that financial controls are “very good”