Is it a water bill, or not?

Carol Townsend

Should a camper parked at a home pay a water bill? That’s something the Bishop Hill Village Board is considering following its July 10 meeting.

At the meeting, board member Wayne Ericson noted that Bob Funke lives in a camper at the home of Funke’s son Mike, a current village board member. Ericson said he feels that both should Funkes be paying a village water bill. 

Bob Funke ?- a former Bishop Hill mayor ?- came before the board and asked why he was being singled out. He noted that there are several multifamily residences where only one water bill is being paid. He said he was singled out and could have a lawsuit.

Funke added that if Bishop Hill has such an ordinance then he will be glad to pay a separate water bill.

While having the floor, Funke also said he would like to formally issue a complaint on “junk” located on a lot just north of his residence. The property is owned by Ericson.

Ericson replied by saying the “junk” is “farm machinery.”

Funke also said he’d also like to complain about seeing Ericson feed his cats near the street and has seen “coons eating the food.”

No decision was made regarding the water bill issue.