County adopts wage schedule

Lisa Hammer

Henry County board members on Tuesday approved a wage and salary schedule that was more than three years in the making.

From now on, the intent is to have department heads review job descriptions every two years and make recommendations for changes to the county board, according to finance committee chairman Jesse Crouch. He said the project was “back-burnered” in part because of contract negotiations.

The schedule starts with county employees in the first pay grade earning from $7.50 per hour to $14.57 per hour. Five pay grades are listed.

Board member Jim King suggested that job descriptions could be kept up-to-date as new people are hired.

“It could be during that time,” agreed Crouch. “But if that’s the only time you do it, then you have the situation where they don’t get looked at for years.”

Bids for demolition of the old part of Hillcrest Home will be opened Aug. 5

The county will open bids for the courthouse parking project July 16, and plans to begin construction in late September or early October, according to administration committee chairman Tom Steele.

A public hearing will be held at 8 a.m. July 14 at the highway department in Cambridge to change the numbered road in front of Black Hawk College to Black Hawk College Road. Residents are in favor of the change, according to transportation chairman Jim Kursock.

The planning and development committee is hoping to hire a new county zoning officer by November 1, in order to have that person work alongside retiring zoning officer Bill Philhower for two to three months, according to committee chairman Ann DeSmith.

The board also:

• approved certified lists of election judges for Democratic and Republican parties

• approved a reinsurance renewal proposal from Symetra Life Insurance for $350,562

• accepted Symetra Financial's life insurance bid for $8,431

• approved a $8,200 proposal from QCA Electric for electrical systems services; a letter from the firm states the county may want to budget for needed electric repairs at the courthouse over the next few years