Hufford takes control of GHS volleyball

Amy Boldt
Rachel Hufford named the new head coach of the GHS volleyball team for the 2008 season.

A new era of volleyball is about to begin as the Lady Leafs will be under direction of new head varsity volleyball coach, Rachel Hufford.

“The competitiveness is what I enjoy most (about the game),” said Hufford. “There are so many different things you can do. It keeps you on your toes. Being able to run those plays is what I am looking forward to most about the varsity level. Being able to run a faster offense, be more creative and run the girls faster.”

Hufford, a Davenport, Iowa native, started her high school coaching career last year as the Geneseo freshman volleyball coach and will now take over for Carlyn McAvoy at the varsity level.

Coach Hufford graduated from Davenport North High School in 2000 where she was a member of the volleyball squad. She moved on to graduate from the University of Iowa in 2004 in American Studies and then graduated from St. Ambrose University in 2007 with a degree in education.

Hufford came to Geneseo in the fall of 2007 and currently teaches math at Geneseo High?School.

Hufford commented she had no idea she would be in this position this year when she was approached about the opening.

“I was approached with the position by Travis Mackey and had no idea it was available,” said Hufford. “I always wanted to be in this position and I am so lucky to have got it.”

One of the big things coach Hufford is striving for this season is for her team to mesh well together instead of playing as individuals.

“I am working really hard on team unity so all the girls enjoy each other and we are working on communication,” said Hufford. “I am trying to change our communication so it is better than it was.”

It will be a bit of a rebuilding year for the Lady Leafs with a new coach and only two seniors.

“I look for the two seniors to be the ones who have to get everyone involved and be the players others can look up to,” said Hufford. “I look for the girls that can uplift everybody as a leader. I look for them to say next time, next time, after a mistake for themselves and their teammates.”

As the Lady Leafs have been getting ready for the season, coach Hufford commented the girls have been working hard conditioning and getting in shape this summer.

“Being able to win and be competitive enough with the other teams in the conference,” said Hufford of what she is apprehensive about. “But, I am ready to see the girls play and compete against other teams.”

The first day of practice for the Geneseo High School volleyball program is Aug. 13.