Bikers hit pavement to stay in shape

Amy Boldt
Scott Schnaufer takes off down Chicago Street July 12 during the Geneseo Bike Club’s Saturday ride.

The staff at the Geneseo Community Center teamed up with the staff at B&B Lawn Equipment and Cyclery to offer a bike club to give people in the community an opportunity to enjoy the summer weather, but also get some exercise.

“We were working with B&B when we bought our spin bikes and we had a good interest in our spin class, but we knew the novelty would wear off with the warm weather,” said superintendent of recreation Ken Asta. “We have a lot of athletes in the community and it was a benefit to start the club.”

“We have a lot of customers that ride alone or not in a group situation because there is not that opportunity,” said Scott Schnaufer of B &B of why they decided to get involved. “I always toyed with it and then the community center approached us and it was a good fit.”

The Geneseo Bike Club is a Geneseo-based riding group that allows riders the chance to learn and experience the fundamentals of road riding through instruction from the club’s lead riders.

“It is nice to go out in a group because it is safe and participants go out on rides with knowledgeable staff members,” said Asta. “And the lead riders always carry equipment for emergencies.”

All rides are held Saturday mornings at 8:30 a.m. and depart from B&B Lawn Equipment and  Cyclery. The rides consist of an hour and a half ride through the city of Geneseo or out in the country. The club is for riders ages 16 and up.

“Riders don’t have to be super experienced, we have a wide variety of people,”?said Schnaufer. “And we have received a positive response to the club.”

The riders average approximately 20 to 25 miles in their hour and a half ride each Saturday, but the miles due vary on the riders and the route, said Kelley Timmerman, one of the lead riders of the group.

“The routes the club takes varies each week,” said Asta. “It is a new way to enjoy the weather and it is a new class.”

“I think one of the benefits of the class is it is a great opportunity to meet people that you might not come in contact with,” said Timmerman. “It also gives people the opportunity if they are having a hard time getting out on their own. Hopefully, it will eventually take off with the price of gas.”

“We have received good comments and it is nice to have a change of pace,” said Asta. “It is nice to have an outdoor activity and it is going really well.”

“We’ve had a lot of positive response, but we haven’t had a ton show up,” said Timmerman. “I would like to see the indoor spin class translate to the outdoors. It is a good transition.”

“I would like to see more people interested in it,” said Brandi Minnaert, personal trainer at the community center and a club rider. “I think if people are in a group it will push them more than when they are on their own. We have had a very small response, but hopefully it will grow. It is nice to be outside and it is a good transition from the spin class to the bike club.”

The club has three more riding dates on July 26, Aug. 9 and Aug. 23.

“We will definitely try to continue,” said Asta. “It will take a long time to gain interest, but we are happy with the numbers right now. It is nice to have a small size class to start because it is a safe way to introduce the class.”

Ross Reiling takes off down Chicago Street July 12 during the Geneseo Bike Club’s Saturday ride.