Pie auction depends on volunteers

Mindy Carls

“Hats Off,” the theme of the Orion Fall Festival parade, applies to the pie contest and auction, too, according to Marita Lough.

She co-chairs the pie committee, which kicked off Fall Festival with the contest and auction on Friday, Aug. 29, at the band shell in Central Park, Orion.

“Hats Off” was a salute to volunteers.

“How great it is that so many people are willing to volunteer,” Lough wrote in an e-mail to the Gazette. “Even if a few volunteers find other commitments over the years, there seem to be extra volunteers that step up to the plate and willingly agree to support such a worthwhile effort.”

Pie bakers are at the top of her list.

“The pie committee doesn’t even take pre-registration, yet there’s no doubt that bakers year after year will take time to assist toward the goal of helping others,” Lough said. “Many have to take vacation to find the time to bake a pie on Friday.”

Next on Lough’s list are the pie committee members, who create flyers to advertise the contest, set up mailing labels, make decorations, set up tables and handle registration.

The pie committee co-chairs are Lough, Becky Lieving and Deanne Zurcher,

Members are Kayla Anderson, BankORION staff, Kim Blackert, Jan Boney, Stacey Burgert, Mindy Carls of the Orion Gazette, Kendal Cross, Jim DeBaillie, Vicky Diamond, Orion Lions Club members, Patti Farrar, Deb Ford of Parkside Treasure House, Jana Guinn of Stenzel Auction Service, Ashley Hayes, Liz Hoffman, Rachel Hogeboom, Jacque Jackson, Jane Kent and Roger Kent.

Also are on the committee Marilyn Marshall, Cindy Martens, Marty Martens of Stenzel Auction Service, Pat Martens, Carrie McCaw, Max McCaw, Jerry Meyer of BankORION, Rod Parrish, Cheryl Russell, Dave Russell, Deb Singley, Jennifer Smutzer, Al Stenzel and Jason Stenzel of Stenzel Auction Service, DeWayne Taets, Aaron Tennant, Erin Tennant, Tom Weber, Deb Whiting, Roger Woodley and Deanna Zwicker.

“There’s one area where there’s certainly no shortage of willing volunteers,” Lough said. “That’s the judges.”

This year the judges will be Aaron Tennant, Tom Weber, Jim DeBaillie and DeWayne Taets.

Lough also is grateful for generous buyers and auctioneers who do not charge for their services.

As with all Fall Festival events, proceeds from the auction will help Orion school district residents with medical bills, especially for vision or hearing impairment.

Festival revenues also help non-profit organizations within the school district purchase equipment and supplies.