Still lots to do in Bishop Hill

John Sloan

    As local lawmakers and residents struggled to deal with the official announcement that the three state-owned sites in Bishop Hill will close on Oct. 1, others were anxious to re-affirm that the historic colony will still have a lot to offer visitors.

    At a Thursday, Aug. 28,  press conference announcing an Illinois House bill sponsored by area state representatives Don Moffitt and Mike Boland to restore funding to the colony and other historic sites, Bishop Hill Heritage Association Administrator Mike Wendell noted that Bishop Hill will continue to be a place worth visiting.

    “There’s still plenty for people to come and see in Bishop Hill,” said Wendel, who distributed a document stating some important points to remember.

    Bishop Hill State Museums (1848 Colony Church, Bishop Hill Krans Museum, the Bjorklund Hotel and the village park) will still be available for special events after Oct. 1.

    All restaurants, businesses and lodging places in Bishop Hill will still be open, as before.

    The Steeple Building Museum will remain open 7 days a week, plus the Vasa Archives Building and the Henry County Historical Museum will keep their previous hours.

    Wendel also noted that Jordbruksdagarna, the yearly, state-run agricultural festival scheduled for Sept. 27-28, will be held as scheduled.

    “A number of people in the community are working together to continue with the tradition of Ag Days,” he said. “We’re hoping people will come and enjoy what should be a very good event. It’s important people know that Bishop Hill is still open.”