No action on golf cart use

Lisa Hammer

    The owner of a Cambridge golf cart business sent a letter to Andover village trustees telling them they could pass a resolution to permit the use of golf carts on streets in town, but for now the board is taking no action.

    Mayor Sandra Johnson said Tuesday that she told David Johnson of Cambridge Cart Sales that the board probably wouldn’t look at the issue unless a resident comes to the board with such a request.

    Trustees said residents do own carts and occasionally use them in town, but not that often, and no one is using them, for example, for the daily trip to the post office.

    Trustee Dan Crippen said to use carts on streets, state law requires each street to have posted speed limits. Andover currently doesn’t post all streets.

    Andover could save about one third the cost of rip rap by using eight foot by two foot concrete weights or waste blocks to reinforce 280 feet that forms the north shore of Andover Lake at the dam and 277 feet at the southeast side.

    “They’ll never go anywhere, and kids won’t throw them,” said Trustee Mike Mielke.

    Trustees noted they’ve carried $5,000 to $6,000 in the budget for lake maintenance and repair for years without using it. The village will seek more quotes.

    Trustees said they had no problem with allowing Tom Johnson of Lynn Center to trap a family of muskrats that’s inhabiting the lake shore and damaging the tile.

    Trustee Judy Olson alerted the board to the 175th anniversary of the founding of Andover in 2010. The town was founded in 1835 by Rev. Ithamar Pillsbury. Olson said fundraisers are being planned to be able to have fireworks and other types of entertainment.

    Trustees also:

    • learned the village attorney has recommended against rezoning a property from residential to agricultural to allow residents to put in a lake

    • learned Fire Chief Roger Stancliff will attend the October 6 board meeting with more information about an emergency siren for the village.