Bishop Hill welcomes clean audit; will bill trailer for water

Carol Townsend

The Bishop Hill Village Board on Sept. 10 heard the summary of their annual audit by Teresa Welch of Blucker Kneer and Associates of Galesburg. The audit was for the year ending April 30, 2008.

The village has a clean audit with all records in order, Welch indicated. She also noted that assessed valuation is up $43,000 in the village, motor fuel tax decreased, and the cemetery fund was at a loss. But the village brought in more revenue than expenses, Welch said.

In other business:

?Mayor Neil Cooper noted  he had checked the village ordinance regarding campers parked in the village. He said trailers over 20 feet are not considered travel trailers. A trailer owned by Mr. and Mrs. Bob Funke parked at the home of their son, Mike, exceeds 20 feet.

Last month, board member Wayne Ericson said Mr. and Mrs. Funke should pay for water they’re receiving from the village. Bob Funke disagreed at that time.

Mike Funke, a village board member, said there are other people in town who are not paying for their separate water bills. He did not have addresses for the others.

Cooper instructed the village clerk to send a water and garbage bill to Mr. and Mrs. Funke.

“I did not write the ordinance,” Cooper said.

Bob Funke is a former Bishop Hill mayor.

?The board discussed the bike path that runs from Wyoming to Hennepin. Bishop Hill could be added to the path at some point. The board said it would welcome that, but does not want any liability or any obligation for the path.

?The board approved Ivan Landwehr mowing the cemetery and village property in 2009.

Board member Wayne Ericson said he had nothing against Landwehr but noted that several people had asked him about seeking mowing bids. Several board members said they were satisfied with Landwehr’s service and don’t feel a need to change.

?Some signs will be made to direct visitors to the public restrooms.

?Board member Judith Gilbert gave some percentages of sales tax in the village. She said 2004 was the best year. She also noted that food and drink retail is doing very well.