Hillcrest Home may have to repay funds

Lisa Hammer

    The state has overpaid all nursing homes, but the actual amount Hillcrest Home in Henry County might have to pay back is unknown, according to Ron Salisbury of the county’s health and social services committee.

    Salisbury reported to the county board Tuesday night that he believed a different nursing home in another county is having to repay $1 million.

    “Nobody knows what's going on,” he said.

    Salisbury also said another 1,475 square feet of asbestos was found in the old part of Hillcrest Home which is to be demolished this fall.

He told county board members Tuesday that the additional asbestos adds $4,425 more to the cost of the project, but the charge will be at a cheaper rate than previously.

    The nursing home has received word that it will be getting a $50,000 “Best Friend” grant which in part buys computer software to record residents’ biographies.

    The county's health advisory committee will meet on Sept. 15 to look at how to boost the county's health care self-insurance fund, which is for claims of less than $40,000. Administration committee Tom Steele said the goal is to have $500,000 to $800,000 in the fund, but it only has $40,000.

    After the meeting, he said the fund probably averages $250,000 and it's been as low as $8,000 before. The plan is to rejuvenate the fund with money from the various county departments and from the general fund, he said.

    The board also:

    • learned the jail had an average of 27 out-of-county inmates in August and averaged 126 inmates overall

    • approved Oldeen Roofing’s $34,425 bid for roof repair on the highway department's old maintenance shop; Jim Kursock noted it was the only bid received, despite the fact the county advertised the project in the paper and the engineer contacted various roofing contractors

    • approved a bridge replacement in Oxford Township to be funded with 80 percent state, 10 percent county and 10 percent road district funds

    • approved a job description for emergency services disaster agency (ESDA) and learned when Bill Philhower retires later this year, he’s agreed to stay on up to six months as ESDA coordinator if needed

    • heard a presentation from Denise Bulat, executive director of the Bi-State Regional Commission