Curbside recycling contract accepted

Mindy Carls

Orion has accepted the Eagle Enterprises Recycling bid for curbside service, although a proposal to hire a single waste hauler will be discussed further.

At the village board meeting on Monday, Sept. 15, Trustee Mike Dunne moved to accept the Eagle Enterprises bid for curbside recycling, pending approval of a contract to be drafted by Village Attorney John Ames.

Trustees Dunne, Mel Drucker and Thom Sederquist voted in favor of the motion. After Trustees Robert “Deano” O’Leary, Karl Kane and Jamie Lawson voted against it, Village President Jim Cooper broke the tie with a vote for accepting the bid.

Cooper said it was Ames’ opinion that Orion could hire Eagle Enterprises without seeking additional bids for curbside recycling.

Dunne moved to seek bids for a single hauler, but withdrew his motion when trustees expressed concerns.

Drucker said he wanted to see how much recycling reduced the amount of garbage residents put out before he voted on the single hauler issue.

Also, Drucker is uneasy about the number of delinquent accounts the village has for sewer and water services. He said adding fees for curbside recycling and trash pickup to the sewer and water bills would expose the village to even more liability.

Delinquent accounts now add up to $4,000 or more, he said.