Sidewalks added to park

Lisa Depies
Geneseo officials, including, from left: mayor Pat Eberhardt, public service superintendent John VanDeWoestyne, public service board member Lowell Ewert and public service board chairman Kevin Peterson, stand on one of the new sidewalks recently added to the north section of the city park.

In 2005, Geneseo Mayor Pat Eberhardt and city alderman Keith?Kennett traveled to Washington, D.C., in hopes of securing federal funding for several area projects.

Their efforts paid off recently. Federal money was made available to help the city pay for sidewalks in the north part of the city park.

Funding was provided as an 80/20 match,  with the federal government paying for 80 percent of the project while the city pays for 20 percent.

Crews started pouring the sidewalks last week said public service superintendent John VanDeWoestyne.

The north portion of the city park formerly housed the Geneseo Junior High School building. Following the building’s demolition, the land, situated north of the original city park, also became park space.

Kevin Peterson, chairman of the public service board said the city has had “long-term plans” for developing the park.

City alderman Lowell Ewert, who served for more than 20 years on the park board, predecessor to the current public service board, said the park will continue to be developed “as money

becomes available.”

Already the park contains a gazebo, pioneer family statue and a dolphin-themed fountain.

Period lighting has been installed and crews are pouring two main sidewalks which will bisect the park.

In conjunction with a tree-planting plan for the park, the city has a tree donation program.

Individuals or organizations may donate trees to the park, which will be planted throughout the space. Tree donation applications are available at city hall.

In addition to sidewalks in the city park, federal funding will be used to install sidewalks along Chicago Street leading to Bollen Fields.