Dancing in the Moonlight debuts

Andrew Frew
Amy Jeffries-Moskowitz and Scott Smith placed second overall during the Dancing in the Moonlight Contest Saturday, Sept. 20. The fundraiser was sponsored by the Cambridge High School dance team.

    Dancing in the Moonlight made its debut Saturday, Sept. 20, at Cambridge High School. The event hosted by the school’s dance team as a fundraiser was filled with singing, dancing and some fun.

    The teams were judged by the crowd, and three judges. The three guest judges were Sue Stackhouse,  Kippy Nelson and Chris Allen. The host was Vern Stackhouse along with Leanne Walsh, the dance coach.

    A large crowd went to judge. To vote the guests paid a dollar per ticket and the one with the tickets won.

    The night began with an opening singing group called Donna and the Dynamoes. This three part group was made up of Judy Carlson, Dawn Lewis and Christi Reed. The three did karaoke to "Dancing Queen" by Abba. It was a talented comical performance by the small group and set a positive atmosphere for the rest of the evening.

    The first dancing group of the night was Joline and Dave Reppert. The pair performed a Rumba, Swing and Foxtrot dance. They were able to impress the crowd and the judges with nines all across the board. The next pair was Tom Akers, the new  Cambridge superintendent, and his wife Kelly. They did a swing ending them with a score of two sevens and an eight.

    The next performance was tap dancing routine by  Taylor Reed, Olivia McDonough and Kaylen Stromquist. These young ladies may have had a disadvantage age wise, but talent made up for it. As scores go the ladies got eights from all the judges.  Pat and Rodger Palmer followed doing a disco. The two received nines across the board.

    The next couple to perform was Lisa Miller and Jeff Hannam. They did a prop dance. It was basketball orientated. They received two sevens and an eight. Amy Jeffries-Moskowitz and Scott Smith followed them. The two did a jazz/contemporary dance and received two sevens and an eight from the judges.

    The next dance was a contemporary one by Staci Gibson and Brinton Vincent which they choreographed themselves. Despite a minor mishap due to an old cassette, the pair did quite well and got two nines and an eight. The next group was Avis Kutzman and Joe Petra. Both were quite experienced in dancing. They put on a beautiful show and received the best judges scores with two tens and a nine. Chris DeKezel and Jay Wiechmann performed next doing a contemporary, funny dance and received three sevens.

    The last performance was not judged. Cayla Walsh and Laurel Whitford, two seniors on the dance team, did a jazz dance. After their performance, a was a short intermission, so that the audience could cast their votes and enjoy a dessert while the votes were counted.

    The third place trophy went to Rodger and Pat Palmer. Second went to Amy Jeffries-Moskowitz and Scott Smith, and first went to Lisa Miller and Jeff Hannam. Their dance was choreographed by Becky Underwood and Dana Brock. "Mr. Hannam and I look forward to defending our title next year, but we better start practicing now!" said Lisa Miller.

    The night was concluded by one last rendition of "Dancing Queen" by Donna and the Dynamoes and the crowd was invited to join in the dance.

Jeff Hannam and Lisa Miller took first place. They did a prop dance which was basketball oriented.