Klavine,? Dale honored by Chamber

Lisa Depies
Geneseo Chamber of Commerce president Scott Kuffel, right, presents the 2008 Businessman of the Year Award to Bill Dale of Farmers National Bank of Prophetstown’s Geneseo branch at the chamber’s banquet on Feb. 24. Lifetime? Achievement Award winner Roy Joe Klavine was unable to attend.

“A lot of people look forward to Fridays, but I always looked forward to Mondays. I? couldn’t wait to go back to work and meet people,” said Roy Joe Klavine, of Klavine Motor Co. in Geneseo. Klavine was recently honored as the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce’s 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

Klavine was unable to attend the chamber’s annual banquet on Feb. 24, but said he was “surprised” when he learned he’d received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

“It’s a bit embarrassing,” said Klavine, who said even though he’d tried to dedicate his life to “working for other people and doing things for them” he never sought accolades.

“I just enjoy people and I consider my customers my friends,” ?he said.

A long-time resident of Geneseo (“I was born across the street from the current hospital,” ?he said), Klavine first started working at a young age.

“When I was 7 or 8, I use to take my wagon down to the blacksmith shops in town and have pieces made for my dad,” he said.

“And, when we were selling Minneapolis-Moline tractors, I use to drive the new tractors through town. One of my mother’s card club members would see me doing it and tell my mother, so I’d get grounded ... but the next time we’d get a load of tractors,?I’d do the same thing,” he said.

Klavine will be presented with his Lifetime Achievement Award at the chamber’s spring breakfast.

At the Chamber of Commerce’s banquet, Bill Dale of Farmers National?Bank of Prophetstown’s Geneseo branch received the Businessman of the Year Award.

“I did not expect the award,” said Dale, who added that he, like Klavine, finds the honor “a little embarrassing.”

“I’m aware of others in the community who do as much or more than I do in the community who are also deserving,” he said. “You don’t do these things with the idea of receiving awards in mind.”

Dale has more than 30 years of experience in the banking industry in Geneseo. He started at Farmers National Bank in Geneseo in 1978 and joined Farmers National?Bank of Prophestown’s Geneseo branch in 1997.

He serves on the GEEE board, Hammond-Henry Hospital Board, Geneseo Community Chest board, Geneseo Community Development Corporation board, Geneseo Youth Football board and the Junior Achievement Advisory board.

“Geneseo offers a lot of opportunities to get involved,” said Dale. “I?enjoy doing things to help improve the overall quality of life in the community.”

Additional awards presented at the chamber’s banquet include a Volunteer of the Year Award given to Darcy Hepner, foundation manager at Hammond-Henry Hospital and Kathy?Williams of Nash, Nash, Bean &?Ford.

Jim Ries accepted the chamber’s Beautification Award on behalf of Village Home?Stores for exterior and interior renovations to its State Street store.

Geneseo Chamber of ?Commerce assistant director Karen Mowers said the award winners “represent the best of our community.”

“These are good, strong leaders who remain active in the community both when times are good and when times are tough,”?she said.

The 2009 Chamber of Commerce board of directors was introduced at the banquet. The board includes: Scott Kuffel, president; Scott Rubins, past-president; Katie Andrios, vice-president; Brad Solberg, treasurer; and board members Ken Werner, Shelly Holke, Erik Brudos, Chrissy Eaker, Marlene Ashpole, Margaret Behr, LuAnn Lavine, John?Franks and Bob Johnson.

Outgoing board members include: Mark Mosbarger, Martha Rittmueller, Darcy Hepner, Jeff DeMay, Mike Zerull and Theresa Jones.

Jim Ries, right, co-owner of Village Home Stores, accepts a Beautification Award from Geneseo Chamber of Commerce director Rhonda Ludwig.