Andover to get emergency siren

Lisa Hammer

An emergency siren will go up in Andover sometime this spring. Trustees voted 6-0 to approve the $14,505 purchase as well as a supplemental budget appropriation. 

If the wiring in the old pole can’t be used, there would be additional expense for an electrician to run new conduit, trustees learned at their meeting on Monday, March 2.

Trustees said there is money for the siren in the current year’s budget; however, Mayor Sandra

Johnson has an inquiry in to Bi-State Regional Commission about the possibility of obtaining assistance through the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

The village was told earlier no help was available.

Trustees failed to approve a new ordinance restricting vehicles over 12,000 pounds from being parked for more than 10 hours on most streets, with exceptions for main thoroughfares and routes farmers use. 

Three trustees abstained. 

It was noted that the 10-hour rule would allow truckers to park overnight at their homes.

It was decided to acquire a map of the exempted routes for another vote in the future.