Village needs accurate census count

Lisa Hammer

 The United States Census Bureau is looking for some Cambridge residents to be part of the 2010 Census Team. “The Census Bureau is looking to hire some residents to work on a short-term parttime basis,” according to Jim Crouch, Cambridge mayor. “These will be good paying jobs for someone who might be struggling in today’s economy.”

 The Census Bureau is accepting census takers, crew leaders, crew leader assistants, recruiting assistants and census clerks.

 As a census taker, individuals will locate households, update address lists, explain the purpose of the census, conduct interviews with respondents, record responses on paper forms and meet with a crew leader every day to turn in completed work and payroll forms and to discuss progress.

 As crew leader, individuals will supervise census takers and crew leader assistants, meet daily with census takers to review their production and approve their daily payroll record, train census takers and crew leaders assistants and ensure that the procedures are followed.

 Crew leader assistants will assist crew leaders by performing delegated tasks and also perform some of the same field work as census takers.

 Recruiting assistants will locate, set up and run applicant employment test sessions, ask community organizations to donate space for testing and training and review and send applicants’ materials to and from the local census office.

 As a census clerk, applicants will answer applicant calls and scheduling tests, support recruiting assistants, process employee payroll and personnel actions and provide administrative support to field staff. All clerk positions require the use of a computer.

 “I want Cambridge residents to know how important the 2010 census is,” stated Crouch. “We (the village of Cambridge) want to make sure every resident is counted. We (the village) receive money for each resident who is counted. The count will be good for the next ten years, and if someone is missed it could mean as much as a $1,000 per person for the ten year period of time.”

 For more information, contact the Census Bureau at their toll free number 1-866-861-2010.