Boone to play in Barbados

Amy Boldt
Justine Boone hits a shot for the Monmouth College women’s basketball team.

Justine Boone of Geneseo has been given an unique opportunity to take her basketball skills overseas.

Boone, a sophomore member of the Monmouth College women’s basketball team, was selected to be a member of the USA International Team to play in Barbados this summer.

“My coach at Monmouth is the coach of the team and I got asked in July if I wanted to go,” said Boone. “I had to decide if I was interested and now I?have been doing fund-raising.”

The USA Athletes International Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides amateur athletes and coaches the opportunity to participate in International Olympics style sporting events throughout the world.

To help her pay for her trip, Boone sent letters to family and friends asking for support, had a bake sale at a Monmouth basketball game and she is hoping to do some more in the spring, like a car wash.

Boone will be joined by four other girls from her Monmouth team who will be leaving in late May and returning in early June.

“We will be playing against all different teams from around the world,” said Boone. “On (Boone’s team) there are girls from all over the United States and it will give me the opportunity to meet some of the girls in our conference.”

Outside of playing basketball, Boone and her teammates will get a chance to swim with dolphins and do tourist stuff.

“I am mostly interested in interacting with different people,” said Boone. “It is my first time out of the country and I am looking forward to experiencing a new culture.”

Boone stated she is interested in seeing what other countries’ views of basketball are, either playing competitively in college or for recreation.

“The support has been amazing,” said Boone. “And I am very thankful for the help from my family and friends. I am not sure what to expect (in Barbados), but it will be exciting.”

Boone is the daughter of Pat and Sue Boone of Geneseo and is majoring in business at Monmouth.