Retirees honored at brunch

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Geneseo Republic
Tracy Fausett, Brooke Bainbrige, Natalie Weller and Marcy Wegerer congratulate Barb Cooper on receiving the Friend of Education Award at the Retirees Brunch on Thursday June 4.

At the Orion school district retirees brunch on Thursday June 4th, several members of the Orion staff were honored.

Karin Hamburg, Jane Koski, Sharon Hart, Karen Olson, Lonna Bostic and Pat Morse were the certified teachers that were honored. Geri Bristow, Bess Arduser and Linda Muhleman were the retiring cooks that were also honored.

Barb Cooper received the Friend of Education Award for all of her contributions to the school as well as the communit

Beth Galliart presented the OEA Scholarship Award to senior Jenna Nelson for her efforts in helping the lives of students throughout the cooperative education program this past year. Galliart was her co-op employer for the 2008-2009 school year

As a tribute to head cook Geri Bristow, members of the Orion Middle School staff reinacted a skit from Saturday Night Live. The staff performed the Lunch Lady Land skit dressed as different foods and sang along with Mrs. Kapusinski who played the guitar and led the group.

Beth Galliart presents the OEA scholarship award to senior Jenna Nelson at the retirees brunch on June 4th.