Glass, Lauff win Maple City 4

Amy Boldt
Bryan Glass of Geneseo was the overall winner of the Maple City 4 Run June 20.

In the annual running of the Maple City 4 Race held this year on June 20, runners took to the streets of Geneseo to compete against family, friends, neighbors and even racers from different cities and states.

Winning this year’s race was Bryan Glass of Geneseo 20 minutes and 23 seconds. The first female to cross the finish line was Barb Lauff of Sterling in 25:53.

In the women’s 14 and under division, Emily Ford of Geneseo took first in 30:48, followed by Paige Gatter of Geneseo, 30:57; Dani?Manna of Geneseo, 31:46; Mallory Wirth of Geneseo, 32:25; Cheyenne VanQuakebeke of Geneseo, 36:27; Eden?Campbell of Decatur, Ga., 40:07; and Allyson Klein of Geneseo, 48:48.

Kyle Reiling of Geneseo won the men’s 14 and under age group in 23:29, followed by Jordan Starkey of Colona, 24:35; Marcus Gagnon of Colona, 28:14; Nolan Fassett of Geneseo, 29:52; Tony Gatter of Geneseo, 30:38; Owen Behrens of Rock?Island, 31:58; Chris Rolf of Bettendorf, Iowa, 32:40; Owen?Thompson of Cambridge, 33:21; Nathan Soria of Geneseo, 33:56; Brian Bordwell of Geneseo, 34:56; Caleb Kibling of Taylor Ridge, 35:06; Eric Dellett of Geneseo, 41:03; and Harrison Air of Geneseo, 49:39.

Britta Conrad of Geneseo came in first in the women’s 15 to 16 age group in 32:25, followed by Jenny Ford of Geneseo, 33:20; Amber Berge of Port Byron, 35:15; Kaylynn Barker of Colona, 40:56; and Darrian Hartman of Geneseo, 42:52.

In the men’s 15 to 16 age division, Carlisle Evans-Peck of Geneseo won in 23:41, followed by Thomas Sigwalt, 24:31; Branden Smith of Geneseo, 26:09; Jesse Mohr of Geneseo, 30:18; Tom?Dellett of Geneseo, 36:53; and James Pordon of Colona, 45:13.

Joann Chenoweth of Geneseo won the 17 to 18 age division in 29:31, followed by Hannah Woodstock of Rock Island, 33:55; Danielle Rosebeck of Annawan, 34:48; and Katie Hirschfelder of Geneseo, 36:52.

Chad Ford won the men’s 17 to 18 age division in 25:09.

In the women’s 19 to 24 age division, Megan Matyasse of Geneseo won in 29:05, followed by Avery Mickley of Colona, 30:36; Sally Collis of Osco, 31:10; Amber Hoffman of Orion, 33:34; Anna Evert of Cambridge, 35:25; Desiree Dye of Geneseo, 35:25; Ann Terronez of Geneseo, 37:47; and Morgan Gray of Geneseo, 38:42.

Tyler Mendenhall of Prophetstown took first in the men’s 19 to 24 age division in 23:00, followed by Josh Lodge of Geneseo, 24:13; Nate Silver of Geneseo, 24:42; Justin Gray of Geneseo, 26:00; Shawn Walsh of Cambridge, 31:04; Tim Holevoet of Osco, 38:10; Justin Ogilvie of Geneseo, 38:52; and John Pordon of Colona, 45:13.

Laura Nelson of Tinley?Park took first in the women’s 25 to 29 age group in 29:10, followed by Sandra Breiby of Milan, 30:50; Rachel?Childs of Mineral, 33:01; Janelle Pettit of Geneseo, 34:09; Stefanie Weber of South Point, Ohio, 37:18; Amy Cooper of Geneseo, 38:56; Libby Derry of Moline 46:00; and Erica Wolf of Geneseo, 53:19.

In the men’s 25 to 29 age division, Tim Nelson of Elmhurst placed first in 29:10, followed by Tyler Bloomer of Davenport, Iowa, 31:53; Joseph Mickley of Geneseo, 33:23; Seth Vansickel of Davenport, Iowa, 37:03; John Versluis of Geneseo, 38:32; and James Mickley of Colona, 41:57.

Stacey Cotty of Geneseo won the women’s 30 to 34 age division in 28:48, followed by Mary Hansen of Cambridge in 33:58; Jenny Terronez of Geneseo in 39:22; Deanna Bott of Geneseo, 42:27; and Kristin Eden of Rock Island, 46:01.

In the men’s 30 to 34 age division, Chris Thompson of Cambridge took first in 26:00, followed by Brent Fiegel of Buffalo, Iowa, 26:59; Tony Miller of Geneseo, 28:01; Nathan?Johnson of Geneseo, 28:24; Craig Schillig of Bettendorf, Iowa, 29:01; Mike Goethals of Geneseo, 32:11; Brad Bagby of Geneseo, 32:40; Tom Baumgardner of Geneseo, 32:54; Ray Cotty of Geneseo, 33:37; Saul Hernandez of East Moline, 36:01 and Nathan Mariman of Geneseo, 37:08.

Laurie Pauley of Atkinson took first in the women’s 35 to 39 age group in 31:18, followed by Jenny?Thomas of Peru, 36:43; Tara Hinton of Geneseo, 36:55; Kris Chapman of Eau Claire, Wis., 37:04; and Erica Williams of East Moline, 43:31.

Chris Wolf of Chicago won the men’s 35 to 39 age division in 23:57, followed by Paul Augustyn of Twin Lakes, Wis., 27:02; Rick Benhart of Geneseo, 28:43; Neil Ariano of Geneseo, 29:25; Donnie Green of Geneseo, 29:32; Brian?Williams of East Moline, 30:57; Adam Cooper of Geneseo, 33:18; Todd Engholm of Milan, 48:44; and Craig Air of Geneseo, 48:48.

In the women’s 40 to 44 age division, Tina Hass of Geneseo won in 31:20, followed by Denise Winchell of Colona, 32:04; Jean?Soria of Geneseo, 34:08; Melanie Rice of Geneseo, 34:09; Anne Bergren of Geneseo, 36:00; Lora Johnson of Geneseo, 40:12; Marcia Wirth of Geneseo, 40:40; and Christine Neuwohner of Geneseo, 45:05.

In the men’s 40 to 44 age group, Jeff?Brown of Geneseo won in 24:24, followed by Brett Decker of Geneseo, 25:39; Scott Hoffman of Orion, 27:52; Rob Baumgardner of Geneseo, 33:39, Brian Neuman of LaSalle, 35:41; and Brian Rolf of Bettendorf, Iowa, 37:28.

Caryn  Vandersnick of Geneseo won the women’s 45 to 49 age division in 35:55, followed by Jill De Pauw of Geneseo, 37:01; Janice Roome of Geneseo, 39:55 and Margaret Carey of Geneseo, 42:26.

Ken Lauff of Sterling took first in the men’s 45 to 49 age division in 24:18, followed by Scott Caldwell of Moline, 26:17; Ross Reiling of Geneseo, 26:32; Eric Gray of Geneseo, 27:36; Cory Wirth of Geneseo, 28:52; Tom?Shipp of Prophetstown, 29:24; Scott Wolf of Kenosha, Wis., 31:51; Mike Talbott of Geneseo, 35:46; Bill Berge of Port Byron, 36:31; Jay Bloomer of Davenport, Iowa, 37:17; Rick Barker of Colona, 39:12; Jeff Hirschfelder of Geneseo, 42:50; Bob Egan of Geneseo, 45:29; and James Klein of Geneseo, 49:44.

Ruth Clearman of Geneseo took first in the women’s 50 to 54 age group in 35:48, followed by Mary Bergren of Kewanee, 36:48; Sue Gray of Geneseo, 39:09; Sandy Manna of Geneseo, 43:22; and Marcie Miller of Waterloo, Iowa, 49:07.

In the men’s 50 to 54 age division, Bernie Wilder of Davenport, Iowa took first in 24:26; Mike Savage of?Geneseo, 26:02; Jack Schlindwein of Geneseo, 26:16; Steve Dellett of Geneseo, 26:49; Tim Harding of Geneseo, 33:24; Steve Miller of Waterloo, Iowa, 49:07; and Daniel Debo of East Moline, 57:38.

Barb Terronez of Geneseo placed first in the women’s 55 to 59 age division in 39:22, while Nancy Stover of Geneseo came in second, 47:45.

Steven?Terronez of Geneseo placed first in the men’s 55 to 59 age division in 26:11, followed by Dennis Langdon of Colona, 28:42; John Goss of Burlington, Iowa, 30:00; Dennis Peck of Geneseo, 31:54; Robert McDonald of Coal Valley, 32:34; and Craig Patterson of Geneseo, 34:34.

Evelyn Watkins of East Moline took first in the women’s 60 to 64 age group in 48:14, followed by Diane Lodge Hammon of Geneseo in 1:15:46.

In the men’s 60 to 64 age division, Jerry Donegan of Milan won in 28:29, followed by David Minnaert of Geneseo, 36:31; and Dennis Lane of Sycamore, 53:21.

Jan Gustafson of Orion finished first in the women’s 65 to 69 age division, followed by Sandy Glass of Geneseo, 57:43.

Frank Bay  of Milan won the 65 to 69 age division in 29:12.

Pete Boelens of Geneseo took first in the men’s 70 to 74 age division in 31:47, while John Gardner of Bettendorf, Iowa finished in 40:33.

Greta Nordstrom of Geneseo placed first in the women’s 75 and over division in 1:03.18.

Chet Wildemuth of Blue Grass,?Iowa won the men’s 75 and over division in 43:09.

In the father-daughter run, Cory Wirth and Mallory Wirth of Geneseo took first with a combined time of 1:01.17, followed by Scott Hoffman and Amber Hoffman of Orion, 1:01:26; Steven?Terronez and Ann Terronez of Geneseo, 1:03.58; Steven Terronez and Jenny Terronez of Geneseo, 1:05.33; Eric Gray and Morgan?Gray of Geneseo, 1:06.18; Bill Berge and Amber Berge of Port Byron, 1:11.46; Jeff Hirschfelder and Katie Hirschfelder of Geneseo, 1:19.42; and Rick Barker and Kaylynn Barker of Colona, 1:20.08.

In the father-son race, Ross Reiling and Kyle Reiling of Geneseo came in first in 50:01, followed by Tom?Shipp and Tyler Mendenhall of Prophetstown, 52:24; Eric Gray and Justin?Gray of Geneseo, 53:36; Dennis Peck and Carlisle Evans-Peck of Geneseo, 55:35;  Chris Thompson and Owen Thompson of Cambridge, 59:21; Steve Dellett and Tom?Dellett of?Geneseo, 1:03.42; Jeffrey Behrens and Owen?Behrens of Rock Island, 1:03.57; Steve Dellett and Eric Dellett of Geneseo, 1:07.52; and Craig Air and Harrison Air of Geneseo, 1:38.27.

For the kids’ race results, please see page B5 and for more pictures, please see page B7.

Barb Lauff of Sterling was the first female to cross the finish line June 20 at the Maple City 4 Run.