Local kids sprint to the finish line

Amy Boldt
Young runners take off at the start of one of the kids’ races after the Maple City 4 Race held on the Geneseo High School track.

The Maple City 4 Race also offered youth runners the opportunity to show how fast they were with quarter mile and mile races on the Geneseo High School track.

Quarter-mile results

In the boys’ 4 and under division, Dylan Cotty took first in 3 minutes and 47 seconds, followed by Russell Brown in 3:55 and Joseph Versluis in 5:17.

In the girls’ 4 and under division, Anne Wirth placed first in 2:07, followed by Hanna Stroud, 2:11; Addison Pischke, 2:15; Lexi Manthe, 2:36; Olive Simons, 3:06; Addison Dykstra, 3:21; Lesley Rink, 3:33; Rachel Roodhouse, 4:00; Sarah Hansen, 4:18; Madison Winchell, 4:48; and Isabell Stroud, 4:52.

Winning the boys’ five to six division was Mitch Wirth in 1:34, followed by Charlie Rice, 1:40; Tannen?Rink, 1:45; Kade Ariano, 1:46; Carson Price, 1:51; Colin Simons, 1:58; Josh Ibarra, 1:59; Erik Bergren, 2:02; Isaac Kuster, 2:09; Anthony Pierce, 2:11; Keith Glass, 2:15; Aiden Grafft, 2:16; Micah Ibarra, 2:17; Kyle Frost, 2:29 and Andrew Cotty, 2:31.

Winning the girls’ five and six division was Megan Soria, 1:52, followed by Liz Manthe, 1:56; Morgan Simms, 1:59; Lexi Vickrey, 2:04; Brittan Mariman, 2:31; Teighan Vickrey, 2:35 and Reese Williams, 2:42.

In the boys’  seven and eight division, Mitchell?Benhart placed first in 1:38, followed by Seth Winchell, 1:46; Noah Hansen, 1:55; Carson?Mariman, 2:03 and Rachel Rice, 2:33.

In the girls’ seven and eight division, Autumn Glass won in 1:43; followed by Caroline Bergren, 1:44; Carlie Frost, 1:55; and Elizabeth Roodhouse, 2:05.

Mile results

In the boys’ nine-year-old division, Owen Landwehr took first in 7:04, followed by Caleb Kibling, 7:04; Jack Hinton, 7:14; Tyler Kibling, 8:11; Marshall Rice, 8:53; and Matthew Ibarra, 9:25.

In the girls’ nine-year-old division, Elizabeth Grafft took first in 7:53, followed by Josie Brown, 8:14; Hanna Thompson, 8:29 and Hannah Soria, 9:54.

Charlie Schlindwein won the boys’ 10-year-old division in 6:57.

Paige Gramling placed first in the girls’ 10-year-old division in 7:14, followed by Lynsey Gradert in 8:43.

Alex Landwehr took first in the boys’ 11-year-old division in 6:29, followed by Joey Ibarra in 8:24.

Travis Shipp came in first in the 12-year-old division in 6:04, followed by Tanner Shipp in 6:39.

Autumn Glass (left) and Caroline Bergren (right) sprint to the finish line during the kids’ races.