Boone enjoys experiencing a new culture

Amy Boldt
Justine Boone (back row, fourth from left) poses for a picture with her USA teammates and Barbados opponents after their game in?Barbados.

Geneseo High School graduate and member of the Monmouth College women’s basketball team, Justine Boone has returned from her stint representing the United States on the basketball court overseas in Barbados.

 Boone was selected to be one of the members of the USA International Women’s Basketball team that played in Barbados May 30 to June 6.

“I loved it and I definitely want to travel there again and play basketball,” said Boone. “We only played Barbados teams and I really enjoyed it.”

Besides playing basketball, Boone and her teammates got to sight see and experience the Barbados culture.

“I wasn’t expecting how slow things are on the island,” said Boone.?“It is good they are so relaxed, but when you wanted to eat you had to wait for food. They are on island time and are very laid back. It is very different from us.”

This proved to be challenging for the USA team when it came to game time with the Barbados teams.

“We would show up early to warm up, but the Barbados girls didn’t show up until game time and then wanted to warm up,” said Boone.

Boone said that there were also differences in the style of play between the US and Barbados.

“(In Barbados) their lane is a trapezoid, they play with different rules, which they really didn’t explain before hand and they are allowed more travel steps,” said Boone.?“They also have an eight second violation in the back court, which we don’t have in women’s college basketball.”

The USA squad won all four games while in Barbados.

“We definitely did a good job representing the US,” said Boone.?

During their free time, Boone and her teammates went jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, swam with turtles and scubadiving.

While in Barbados, the team stayed in the capital, where Boone said it is a lot like the US, but outside the capital the girls saw some poorer neighborhoods.

“We got to see the entire island,” said Boone. “We saw a woman washing her child outside in a well, the sugar cane factories and a woman carrying a basket on her head.

“A lot of the houses are built on rocks, so they can be picked up and moved, but we did go into some neighborhoods with mansions. There were also chickens roaming around. It was a culture shock.

“For my first time out of the country, I was a little disappointed because I?wanted to learn a new language and I didn’t realize they spoke English. But it made me appreciate the US more. I really enjoyed it, but I?was kind of out of my comfort zone.”

Boone said her favorite part about the trip was experienceing a new culture.

“I am glad to have that culture shock because now I understand what it is like to be out of the US,” said Boone. “And I was happy I went.”

Boone, who will be a junior this fall at Monmouth, is the daughter of Pat and Sue Boone of Geneseo and is majoring in business.