New apparatus a total body workout

Amy Boldt
Keith Egert (left), personal trainer, works with John Bean (right) while he uses the suspension trainer at the Geneseo Community Center.

The Geneseo Park District’s new suspension trainer is a non-stop workout for gym goers, using only one piece of equipment.

The suspension trainer consists of only two long straps hung from the ceiling that provides a full-body workout for its users.

“You are using your body weight and you control the tension,” said personal trainer Keith Egert. “Every exercise uses a person’s core to stabilize. It is such a dynamic piece of equipment and you get the same motions you get from using a machine. In a half hour you get cardio and strength training.”

When using the suspension trainer, users have to use their entire body to stabilize themselves so not to isolate just one muscle. Some exercises done with the trainer are one-legged squats, lunges and shoulder presses.

“Every exercise is for the total body with emphasis on one muscle,” said Egert. “Anybody can use it and can make it as hard or as easy as they want.”

Egert said the park district has had the suspension trainers for about two months and they came on a recommendation from one of Egert’s clients.

“One of my clients went on a business trip and I told him to get a work out in while he was gone,” said Egert. “He came back and told me he did a workout with a suspension trainer and loved it.

“It is something new and I got one and thought it was a great workout and that it would be a great class to do.”

The suspension trainers are offered through personal training and group personal training sessions.

“People are kind of intimidated by it and I have only had a few people come up to me and ask about it,” said Egert. “But I?have made all my clients use it.

“Everyone who has used it likes it and is surprised by how good of a work out you get with such a simple apparatus.”

The benefits to using the suspension, Egert said, are gaining core strength, more stability and clients are able to use and move their bodies better.

Even though it might not look like it working with the suspension trainer can also be a cardio workout.

“You can get a cardio workout because you are moving really fast, there are no adjustments and it is a quick switch from exercise to exercise,” said Egert. “It is physically demanding, but you can go at your pace. We cater to everybody’s ability and strength. (The suspension trainer) is for everybody of any fitness level.”

Egert said he hopes that suspension training catches on and would like to have groups of four come in on a regular basis.

“I think it has the potential to catch on like the spin class,” said Egert. “I think people will enjoy it if they get in and try it.”

For more information or for a free demonstration, contact Egert at the Geneseo Community Center at 944-5695.

John Bean works his upper body during one of the many exercises that can be done with the suspension trainer.