Flag display suggested for Andover Lake

Lisa Hammer

Andover Trustee Judy Olson is suggesting the village place American flags at Lake Park for special occasions.

 She suggested possibly lining the east and west sides of the lake.

 At the village board meeting on Monday, July 7, Mayor Dave Crippen said he liked the idea of locating the flags at the war memorial monuments in the park and at the new welcome signs, which have been engraved and now await placement.

The mayor reported he has a line on an engineering firm that refurbishes wells like Andover’s second well whose casing has gone bad. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency suggested the village fix the well with the cracked casing four years ago.

Trustee Dan Heiar noted the refurbished well would have less flow capacity, but the mayor said the town only needs enough flow to pump water to the tower as a secondary source.

“Well, yeah, I don’t see why it matters,” agreed Heiar.

The mayor said he plans to have the firm look at the well. “It would be a fraction of the cost of a new well,” he said.

The board approved an appropriations ordinance of $243,880 in the general corporate fund with actual anticipated budgeted spending of $205,805. Last year’s general fund appropriation was $317,960.

Spending is: village officials, budget, $39,980, appropriation ceiling, $40,280; Lake Park, budget, $56,175, appropriation, $69,000; streets and alleys, budget, $33,000, appropriation, $44,500; building/maintenance, budget, $10,200, appropriation, $12,500 and water system fund, budget, $75,260, appropriation ceiling, $84,560. Last year’s appropriation for the water department was $86,460.

Cash on hand was $229,672 as of May 1. The village is projecting to have $169,174 in cash reserves as of May 1, 2010.

The board also:

• learned Kent Anderson will remain the building inspector as an independent contractor rather than contracting through the City of Geneseo

• learned the county oiled and chipped the length of First Street

• approved a “complete count” census resolution and put Trustees Judy Olson and Connie Flowers on a committee with Patsy Crippen

• learned the emergency siren will be tested at 10 a.m. the first Wednesday of every month starting in August