‘Alumni Park’ name proposed for former junior high ground

Lisa Depies

Thousands of Geneseo students attended high school or junior high in an area now part of the Geneseo City? Park, and, in their honor, city officials are considering bestowing the name “Alumni Park” on that area.

Since the demolition of the Geneseo Junior High School (formerly the Geneseo? Township High?School) nearly a decade ago, the space has been incorporated into the city park, but lacks a definite name.

Instead, it is referred to as the north portion of the city park or the old junior high site.

The long-term vision for the site includes tree-lined walks, but donations are needed to help complete the park.

By naming it “Alumni Park,” officials hope individual Geneseo students or entire classes will open their wallets and donate to the project.

“Instead of naming the park after someone, we’d be naming it after lots of people,” said city alderman Lowell Ewert. “This would be in honor of everyone who went to school there or taught there.”

Information on the park was distributed to Geneseo alumni via the social networking Web site Facebook.

“We’ve already had responses from as far away as Washington and Kansas,” said Ewert.

Donors will be recognized on a plaque located in the park.

“This is the place where a lot of students went to school, and parts of the school are still buried there. I think (the name “Alumni Park”)?is a great idea. I like it,”?said alderman Linda Van Der Leest.

The name suggestion was presented to the council on July 14 as an informational item only. The issue was sent to the Public Service Board for further discussion.