To dump or not?

Carol Townsend

The Bishop Hill Village Board teetered July 8, trying to decide whether to close the village dump or post specific signs and leave it open.

“All I am going to say is some events happened and I think we should close the dump,” Mayor Mike Funke said. “We could fence it off and just open it if we had a big storm.”

Several in the audience said and there needs to be rules for newcomers. One man said he had put cement there when he first moved to Bishop Hill and another couple said they were very new to town and felt Bishop Hill needed a guideline for new residents.

Funke noted that if the dump was closed, there would be a lot less headaches for himself and the board.

“If it keeps getting abused, there are going to be a lot of problems,” he said. “There is no enforcement; just hope that people are honest.”

The board decided they will try an ordinance with fines included and a sign made that specifically states what can be dumped in the area, which is northwest of the ball diamond.

The ordinance will be ready for the board to read at their August board meeting.

The board also asked that only board members set the dump on fire. That way it will be done only when businesses are not open.

The dump was to be for yard waste items that burn and not cement, plastic, etc.

For more of this story, see the July 16 Galva News.