Street concerns preoccupy Orion trustees

Mindy Carls

Complaints and questions about streets occupied the Orion village board on Monday, Jan. 4.

After Henry County said it could not pave Eighth Street this year, Village President Jim Cooper said he pressured the county into doing something.

County employees came the next day, but it was too cold for the chips to seal in the oil, Cooper said.

A resident told the board his car tires have been picking up oil and carrying it into his garage, where he tracks it into his house.

Mineral oil will clean the oil off tile, but he is worried about his carpet.

If the oil is a problem now, how much worse will it be when temperatures warm up in spring? he asked the board.

Cooper said that in the spring, village employees will cover Eighth Street with sand or rock to control the oil.

“It is the only street project on the books for 2010,” Trustee Jamie Lawson said. He is the chairman of the street committee.

“The project was messed up from the beginning,” Lawson said. “We’ll do everything we can to eliminate the oil.”

For additional details, see the Jan. 8 issue of the Orion Gazette.