Reuniting and Remembering: '66 football team reacquaints and recalls good times together

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Geneseo Republic
Former Galva High School multi-sport athlete Ryan Smith (holding plaque in center of front row) and members of the 1966 GHS varsity football team were inducted into the GHS Wall of Fame before Friday night’s GHS boys basketball game against Mercer County. Members of the team who attended the ceremony included (front, from left) Chuck Nelson, Rodger Manning, Keith Luymes, Smith, Coach Joel Colbert, Dick Talbot, Jack Hawkins; (rear, from left) Scott Nordstrom (representing his father, Mike Nordstrom), Jerry Scott, Kevin Schwartzkopf (representing his late father, Dan Schwartzkopf), Dick Rosander, Rod Atkinson, Bob Lewin, Dud Lee, Steve VanDeVelde and J.B. Hopping. A reception in the high school cafeteria followed the game.

Before Dud Lee left his Fort Worth, Texas home to come to Friday night’s Galva High School Wall of Fame inductions, he reached into a closet and pulled out his old GHS letter sweater. Over 40 had elapsed since he’d first gotten it.

It fit snugly.

“I tried it on and had a little trouble keeping a couple buttons on it,” Lee conceded, smiling. “But I was able to keep it on a few seconds.”

Little matter. What mattered was he was soon going to see some old friends - men with whom 43 years earlier he’d enjoyed playing football and spending time together. He looked forward to seeing fellow members of the 1966 GHS varsity team - 2010 inductees into the Wall of Fame and lifelong friends.

“We jelled as a team - like family,” recalled Lee, who quarterbacked that squad. “We all took care of each other.”

Dick Talbot agreed.

“A great bunch of guys,” Talbot, of Galva, said quickly, when asked.

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