Sheriff's candidate Dan Collier

Sandy Hull
Dan Collier

    Dan Collier is 53 years old and from Cambridge. He is a graduate of Rock Island High School, Rock Island.

    Other training or schooling includes: Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; Law Enforcement, Business Administration Degree in Associate of Arts; University of Illinois Law for Police; Northwestern University DUI?Law Enforcement Training; John E. Reid and Associates Specialized Course on Interviewing and Interrogation, by Reid College; Court Security and Basic Hostage Negotiations Training; Street Survival Seminar for Police; First Responder from Trinity Medical Center; Use of Force policy training; Advanced Professional Seminars Anti Terrorism Techniques for Law Enforcement; Self Defense Instructor Course for Law Enforcement; Emergency Management Institute Nation Response Course, Basic Incident Command System, Hazardous Materials Training and many more hours of training as required by the State of Illinois Training board, and the Henry County Sheriff Office policy.

    He has been employed by the Henry County Sheriff Office since 1980 and is a Lieutenant.

    Are there any other experiences relevant to the position you are seeking?

    I currently have over 29 years experience with the Henry?County Sheriff’s Office. 20 years ago I was promoted to Second Shift Sergeant. Seven years later I was promoted to Lieutenant. WIth each promotion came increased responsibility and expanding roles of leadership within the department. The past 13 years I have overseen and led the entire patrol division. I have assisted with the yearly budget issues and with all aspects of the Sheriff’s Office. I have served on the Henry County Insurance Board and represented Henry County Sheriff’s Office of management views during contact negotiations. I am also a business owner in Henry County. For over 20 years my businesses have grown and been very successful. The same basic principals for operating a business apply to the Sheriff’s Office.

    Why are you running?

    I have the experience needed to continue to lead this department. I am a 29 year Veteran, with 20 years of supervisory experience. The past 13 years as an Administrator and a Supervisor has given me the insight into handling personnel matters, budgeting and the day to day operation of the department. Also being a business owner in Henry County for over 20 years, and experienced law enforcement officer, I will bring a new insight into the Sheriff’s office. I will also work to control spiraling operational costs. I have the desire to continue to serve the citizens of Henry County and lead an excellent Department into the future.

   What would you like to accomplish in the next four years?

   After four years I would like the Sheriff’s office employees to have a more safe and positive working environment with improved law enforcement tools. I would like to have a positive working relationship with the County Board. Increasing patrol coverage to better protect the citizens of Henry County. Assisting Senior Citizens in feeling safe and secure in our county. I will become pro-active in computer related crimes. I will make a major impact on illegal drug use, sales and manufacturing. I will accomplish this by increasing efficiency, NOT by raising taxes.

    If you are elected, what will be different when your term ends in four years?

    There will be a positive open and honest relationship with the County Board. The Deputies and employees of the Sheriff’s Department will  have a safer working environment with the tools they need and want, to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively. There will be an improved patrol system to better serve the public. We will have a simplified, open, transparent budgeting and accounting system. Under my leadership the Sheriff’s office will not be the reason for any tax increase.

   What do you think the Sheriff’s department does right now?

    The hiring process is very successful. We have the highest quality deputies and support staff in the area. The future is very secure with the quality of employees on staff. The Sheriff’s office is very visible and accessible to the citizens of Henry?County. This needs to continue and improve. When crime does occur, our department works very well together. From the responding deputy to the investigative staff and secretaries, our joint cooperation enables us to provide the essential information needed by the States Attorney to ensure an arrest and a positive conviction.

   The Sheriff’s budget always seems to be the topic? How will you help that situation improve?

   In the past I have developed, implemented, and helped administrate the housing of out of County prisoners. This has resulted in approximately seven million dollars worth of revenue for Henry County. I will continue to explore and develop out of County revenue sources and search for available grants. I will reduce overtime costs by efficient scheduling and adjusting hours of work. All expenditures will be closely monitored and scrutinized.

    Hobbies or extracurricular activities?

    My hobby is anything to do with automobiles. I like to restore them and show them at the summer car shows. Also, working with our youth in activities I also enjoy. As a deputy, I started the High School?Dare Car Show, in conjunction with the Cambridge Fun Fest. I have assisted with fund raisers, and supported the Cambridge Youth Football Program. I enjoy going to Nascar races with friends and family. I enjoy spending time with grandsons Cameron and Cooper Smith and watching them play soccer.

    Collier is married to wife Connie and has a stepdaughter, Michelle Cheline and her husband Larry, and stepson, Ryan Smith and his wife Jill. He has two grandsons, Cameron and Cooper Smith and his mother-in-law is Shirley Floming.