County clerk candidate Rebekah Metzner-McCaw

Mindy Carls
Rebekah McCaw

Name: Rebekah Metzner-McCaw. Date of birth: 1967.Hometown: Woodhull.

High school: AlWood High School, Woodhull. Graduated: 1985.

College: Phillips Junior College, Augusta, Ga. Graduated: Degree in business administration.

Other (vo-tech, trade school, business or commercial school, seminars): Flamingo Beauty School, Normal.

Current employment: Office Technical Coordinator for Facilities/Plant Operations, Trinity Regional Health Systems, Rock Island, since 2009; day-to-day office operations of both departments for West Campus, Terrace Park and 7th Street, such as processing invoices, vehicle registrations, and monthly department credit card statements, and ordering supplies. 

I am the recording secretary for the Life Safety Committee, EOP Infrastructure Branch Group Committee, Emergency Preparedness Committee and the Facilities Services Department.

I have received certification in FEMA’s NIMS program (National Incident Management System) 100,200 and 800.

Previous employment if relevant to the office you are seeking: Administrative Assistant for the Mississippi Valley Blues Society, Davenport.

Previous elected office: Westmer School Board, Keithsburg Precinct Committeeman.

Why are you running? I am running for Henry County Clerk because I believe that it is time for a change in the clerk’s office, and I believe that my professional skills and experience make me an ideal candidate for the office.

What would you like to accomplish in the next four years? My main priority for the clerk's office will be to remain focused on customer service and process improvement. In order to keep the reliance on tax dollars down, the services must be provided in a cost-effective manner.

The first thing I will do is sit down with each employee of the office and discuss the job description of each one and what they’re responsible for. You have to gain an understanding. While it is true that a new broom sweeps clean, the new broom must have respect for the old floor. 

I do not feel our taxpayers should have to take off work to access the services provided by the clerk’s office. Making as many services as possible available online, without requiring people to physically come to the office, is the beginning. =Additionally, I would like to expand the office hours one night a week. Flexible scheduling can be cost-neutral. Work with the sheriff’s department on providing the security.

Financial transparency: An important step toward accountability. Online budgets, contracts, and check registers make information more accessible.

Improve employee morale: Suggestion boxes—simply ask employees what motivates them and what rewards they would like! Bring back some fun; as servants of the people, we need to take our job seriously, not ourselves. Most importantly, empower and encourage team members to take responsibility and credit for improvements in the work place, cross training. Open door policy—communication is the key to a satisfying work environment. But the bottom line is this; nothing makes the job more satisfying than doing it well, and knowing your efforts are recognized and appreciated.

If you are elected, what will be different when your term ends in four years? Improved customer service, provide as many services as possible online, financial transparency, improve employee morale, expand hours of office.

Hobbies or extracurricular activities:

Anything my two boys are involved in.

Family: I have two boys Morgon, 11, and Colby, 10. They are both very active in sports, and we are enjoying an exciting basketball season.