Roy’s open after updates

Lisa Depies

When Roy’s Taco House in Geneseo shut its doors last week, customers feared the worse. “People were worried we’d closed for good,” said manager Margo Fulcher, whose family owns the business.

The closing, however, wasn’t a permanent shuttering of the business. Instead, Fulcher said the decision was made to close the business for a week while minor maintenance updating was done to the restaurant.

“We put in a new waitress area, new walls in the kitchen and a new menu board,” said Fulcher. “Half our staff was on vacation, so instead of trying to work with a skeleton crew, we decided we’d close the week of the fair, let the staff have the week off and do the upgrades.”

Roy’s re-opened on June 29. “No changes were made to the dining room, so some people might not notice anything, but for those of us working here, it looks gorgeous,” said Fulcher.

Roy’s Taco House will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2011. “This was a good time to do some upgrading, because next year will be a big year for us,” said Fulcher.