City to burn at Oakwood Cemetery

Lisa Depies

To assist crews cleaning brush after the June 23 storm, Geneseo officials have temporarily lifted the city’s burn ban in Oakwood Cemetery.

For two days only, city workers will be allowed to burn brush in the cemetery. The temporary modification to the ban is designed to save the city money, said mayor Linda Van Der Leest.

Because burning is prohibited in the city, without the two-day moratorium, crews would have to load the brush on trucks and drive it across town to the city’s burn pile off Roos?Hill Road.

“There can be a 30-minute turn-around for that trip,” said Van Der Leest. “Lifting the ban will save the city on diesel, on manpower and on hours on our trucks.”

The two days burning will be allowed in the cemetery have not yet been selected. “We’re leaving that to the discretion of (public service superintendent) Klint Rice. A lot will depend on wind and the weather,” said?Van Der Leest.

Brush will be burned in a “pretty secluded” area of the cemetery, she said.

The two-day lifting of the ban only applies to city crews burning brush in Oakwood?Cemetery. Residents must still adhere to the ban.

Those needing to dispose of brush may take it to the city’s Roos Hill Road burn pile, which will be open July 10.