St. Malachy’s dedicates addition

Lisa Depies
The Rev. James Pallardy, left, vicar of the Henry-Kewanee Vicariate and the Rev. Michael Pakula of St. Malachy?Church exit the sanctuary following a dedication service on July 2.

Members of St. Malachy?Catholic Church celebrated the completion of a 20,000 square foot addition at a dedication on July 2.

The Rev. James Pallardy, vicar of the Henry-Kewanee Vicariate, filled in for Bishop Daniel?Jenky, who was originally scheduled to attend, but sent his regrets.

“This new building provides you with room to connect your mind and heart to God’s way,” Pallardy told a crowd of approximately 200 at the dedication service. “This project signifies your love to God, to your parish and to one another. I applaud you, this is a beautiful building.”

The hour-long dedication service was followed by Pallardy and the Rev. Michael Pakula of St.

Malachy Church blessing each room of the new addition.

The $2.9 million project started in May 2009. In addition to the multi-purpose room, the project adds a new kitchen, meeting room and office space to the church. A new entrance to the elementary school, new school offices and extra storage also were added.

The addition has been planned since the church on Ogden?Avenue was originally built in the 1980s.

“After all the worrying and wondering if this would ever be accomplished, it did happen, and we are called to rejoice,” said Pallardy, who credited the “unselfish contributions” of church members in his address.

Pallardy urged church members to utilize the new space for fellowship with each other.

“Do you know one another??Do you spend time together? Socialize with each other.?Jesus came to save us, not I,” he said.