Shooting victim: His turn for help, but none's there

Doug Boock
Bob Daum is seen in Galva’s Veterans Memorial Park while sharing thoughts of his life since being injured by gunfire in 2008.

For nearly 30 years, Bob Daum’s supported the system. He’s worked hard in jobs and had a portion of his paychecks taken out, to aid the system, like most people.

But now Daum’s in need and the system doesn’t seem to be helping him back.

Daum, 46, was injured by gunfire in two separate incidents while sleeping in his Galva home in 2008. The persons found guilty of the shootings are now serving penal time.

Daum’s recovering physically, – he lost his lower right leg to the shootings – but he’s still coping mentally and otherwise. Financially and professionally, it’s a big struggle.

“Nothing,” he said when asked by the Galva News what government aid he’s getting. “The only thing I get is $200 a month in food stamps and a medical card for doctors visits and stuff.”

“I appreciate and am thankful for the food stamps, but they don’t pay the electric bill and other things,” added Daum, who’s lived in Galva since 2007.

He’s been denied disability income. Three times he’s appealed that ruling, each time unsuccessfully.

“They said I wasn’t disabled . . . It’s kinda like they don’t want to let it out,” he explained.

“I look at it as I worked hard my whole life – I was married at 16 years old and worked a full-time job when I was 16 years old – and paid in all the money, and now they don’t want to give back in any way.”