Meet Your Neighbor: C.J. Wexell

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C.J. Wexell

Favorite music My kids keep me young so I listen to 99.7. Lady GaGa and Pink are my favorites.

Favorite book(s) I’m not much of a reader, except for magazines.

Favorite movie(s) I really don’t have a favorite. I am not a fan of fiction but like real-life stories that really could happen.

Favorite food  I pretty much love stuff with carbohydrates.

Favorite TV?shows Parenthood, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers and Sisters.

Favorite sports teams Nebraska Cornhuskers and of course the Ridgewood Spartans.

If I were to live anywhere else, it would be Kentucky, one of the most beautiful states, plus it’s a little warmer.

A cherished childhood memory Being fortunate enough to swim all day with friends and then hop in the six-wheeler and cruise the yard. Finally we would finish the day with a horseback ride.

If I had one day to live any way I wished, I would Have my daughter be diabetes-free, so she could have at least one more day of being “normal” and free of this disease.

A philosophy I try to live by The Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I admire people who Are honest and respectful.

People might be surprised to learn I Love Care Bears and what they stand for. I also appreciate the sound of a motor from a racing vehicle.

One person I’d like to meet is Hopefully some day I will meet Jesus Christ.

My dream job would be Actually, I do have my dream job. I just wish I got paid more money to do it.

Advice worth passing on Don’t sweat the small stuff. Which I find extremely hard to do, but if you don’t sweat the small, life can be so much more fun.

Pet peeves Absolutely cannot stand gum chomping and liars.

I’m thankful for So many things in life, but obviously my family, good friends and my health.


Age: 41

Occupation: Secretary at Cambridge Elementary School.

Family: Husband, Brad, married 19 years in April; daughters Brooklyn, 16, and Paige, 13.

Residence: Cambridge.

Education: Cambridge High School and Black Hawk West.


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