Residents complain about former Galva Manor site

Carol Townsend
The City of Galva will seek demolition proceedings against the former Galva Manor (above), due to what it cites as unkempt conditions.

Several residents were present at the Galva City Council meeting June 27 to ask what was being done with the property at 309 NE First St., the former Galva Manor.

Residents say skunks, opossums, coons, rats, cats and kittens are living in and around the structure.

City Administrator David Dyer said the property had been added to the homes demolition list June 23. Kelly Craig, a neighbor, asked how long this could take. Dyer said perhaps 2½ years, noting how long the city’s been working on the former Best building.

The former owner of the Galva Manor is now deceased.

Meanwhile, Dyer said the home at 18 SE 5th St. will be ready for demolition soon. He said the order will be effective July 22. The city will have to make plans for demolition after that time.

The house is owned by Rebecca Koga, no address given, and a lien will be placed on the property, to pay for demolition expenses.

Dyer said that so far, eight homes have been demolished. Eight more are still on the list, with three more currently in the court system.