Aisle of Flags creates space for 'mini display'

Lisa Depies
Volunteers Bob DeBoever, left, and Maurice Nelson, as well as Geneseo park department employee Brian Ludwig drill one of 20 new flag post holes in the park.

About this story: Over the years, the Geneseo Aisle of Flags has received requests to fly the flags for special occasions. Due to limitations, the requests have been refused. A new special "mini display" will allow flags to fly at various city park functions.

A “mini display” version of Geneseo’s Aisle of Flags will now be able to fly.

On Tuesday, Sept. 19, Aisle of Flags volunteers and Geneseo city employees installed 20 new flag post holes in the city park.

The holes run in a diagonal, 10 on each side, out from the park’s band shell.

“Over the years, we’ve received many requests to put up our flag display,” said Aisle of Flags board member Ron Hartman. “In each case, we have reluctantly said no.”

Traditionally, the Aisle of Flags — which features more than 700 casket flags representing area veterans — only flies on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans’ Day.

The flags haven’t flown during special events such as ice cream socials or the two occasions when the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall visited the community.

“It takes quite a bit of manpower to put up the entire display, and there are other issues, such as insurance, when the entire display goes up,” said Hartman.

Only putting up part of the display leads to other quandaries — whose flag will be displayed and whose won’t?

To solve the problem, flags in the new mini display won’t have nameplates. They’ll be available to fly for special events throughout the year.

“It will take less work to put up and take down the mini display,” said Hartman.

He said the group plans to fly the mini display — in conjunction with the entire Aisle of Flags display — for the first time on Veterans’ Day.

“I think it will look very nice,” he said.