Henry County Board approves loan for Geneseo business

Jon A. Zahm Correspondent
Kippy Breeden (R-Geneseo) became the first woman in Henry County's 194 year history to preside over a Henry County Board meeting on September 18, 2019.

Chairman Marshall Jones (R-Kewanee) was in Washington DC with Board Member Kathy Nelson (R-Geneseo) advocating for the county with federal departments and officials. This allowed Vice-Chairman Kippy Breeden (R-Geneseo) to lead the meeting, the first time since Henry County's founding in 1825.

The Board approved a Rural Revolving Loan Fund application at the meeting. Henry County Economic Development Director Jim Kelly issued a press release with details:

The Henry County Rural Revolving Loan Fund Board has approved a $50,000 loan to

assist Core Home Solutions, LLC in purchasing Becker and Becker Heating, Ventilating and

Air Conditioning in Geneseo, Illinois. The purchase prevents Becker and Becker from

closing, saves the jobs of its eight current full-time employees, and makes possible the

creation of two additional full-time positions over the next two years.

“We're thankful the Henry County loan program will help us carry on this business, and

we look forward to serving the community for many years to come,” said Corey Bullock,

one of the new owners. The business will continue to operate under the Becker and Becker


In its history, the Henry County Rural Revolving Loan Fund (RRLF) Program has made

79 loans totaling $4.4 million, creating and retaining 1,071 jobs in the Henry County,

Illinois workforce. Rural Revolving Loan Fund monies are available to any new or

existing business within Henry County. For more information on the Henry County

RRLF Program, contact Jim Kelly, Henry County Economic Development Director and

RRLF Loan Administrator, at the Henry County Courthouse at (309) 937-3410.

Board member Jacob Waller (R-Geneseo) submitted his resignation. He had served since December 1, 2012, as the youngest member of the Board. The Henry County Republican Party will meet September 30, and the precinct committeemen of District 1 will recommend a replacement. Chairman Jones will submit that name to the Board, or choose another one, for a vote at the October 17 meeting. The Henry County Democratic Central Committee may also recommend a replacement, but it must be a person with a Republican voting history, as Mr. Waller had been elected as a Republican.