Marcus Throneburg seeks State Senate seat

Beth Welbers contract editor

Marcus Throneburg of Kewanee recently was in Geneseo and stopped into talk about his upcoming plans to run for the State Senate seat that Chuck Weaver will be retiring from at the end of this term.

He previously resided in Sheffield, and served on the Bureau County Board, as the youngest County Board member from that district.  At that time, he was employed by Marquis Energy in Hennepin.  In 2015, he felt a calling and "planted" a church in Kewanee, where he served as the pastor for 5 years.  From the former Bunker Hill Church, came the Hill Church which meets in downtown Kewanee.  After several years of acting as Pastor, Throneburg felt he "had a connection to people who have needs in the community", and deciding that the better way to fill that need was via public service, he has decided to take his views to the Springfield forum.

Throneburg has aligned himself with the Alliance Party, and will be collecting the necessary signatures to earn a place on the ballot for the General Election in November.  Between March 24 and June 14, he hopes to collect a total of 6000 signatures to insure a place on the November ballot.  When asked why the Alliance party, which is an amalgamation of other third parties, Throneburg referred to himself as feeling at that time "politically homeless".  He also stated that where the Alliance party has positions, he is aligned with their stance. "Clearly in this race there is room for a third option." said Throneburg.

When asked with which party he would caucus, should he be successful in November, he replied  that it depended on the issue, and that he hopes to find common ground with the legislators.

Some of his core beliefs are a need for a Fair Map Amendment and restoring trust in government. Other stances dear to him include a need for ethics in government and a serious look at term limits.  He is quick to underscore that this is not a novelty campaign, for the purpose of drawing attention to himself or certain issues.  Throneburg believes that the 37th needs positive solutions and options. He has a schedule of town hall meetings throughout the district scheduled beginning March 4 in Sheffield, and continuing through the summer. 

At this time, Throneburg is a full time student, looking to complete his studies and become a social studies teacher.  He is married, resides in Kewanee and has three boys in third, first and in Pre-K grades in Kewanee schools. More information can be obtained at