Geneseo Honors Band invited

Will perform at National Concert Band Festival

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic

The Geneseo Honors Band has been invited by the Board of Directors at Music for All, to perform at the National Concert Band Festival.  The Festival is part of the 2020 Music For All National Festival, presented by Yamaha in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Selection of the band to perform is based on the reccommendation of a distinguished panel of evaluators.  The Geneseo applicaton and audition recordings were selected as one of the most outstanding in a record setting year for total applications and audition submissions meeting or exceeding the national standard.  The Geneseo Honors Band was deemed to have achieved the level of musical performance and artistry worthy of being featured and celebrated on a national stage.

Performing at the 29th annual Music for All National Festival is a prestigious honor and achievement which demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to excellence. This event places Geneseo High School Honors Band in the extraordinary position of receiving national attention and recognition for demonstrating quality music education.

The event will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana, March 12-14. The 78-member Geneseo Honors Band directed by Steve Scherer, is one of 27 bands to perform, nationwide, over the three-day festival.  Other bands selected to perform are from Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Virginia, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Georgia.